Wednesday Weigh-In

Like I said before, I made that resolution. You know, the nasty, awful, hateful one that everybody makes and nobody keeps past January 3rd. Though I made it on the 1st, extenuating circumstances made it simply impossible to start on it until, um, more recently *wince*.


Defensive! Party of one!

Anyway, seeing as how it’s the 19th and all, I thought I’d begin sharing a status report with you regularly as a way of keeping me (somewhat) accountable and, perhaps, inspiring another. (I say ‘somewhat’ because you can’t see me all day, every day. ;/)

The status report will look  something like this (with information in place):

Weight (loss)/gain this week:

Days exercised (out of 7):

Food pick of the week:



My basic M.O. is to eat healthier foods and less quantity (can you say ‘rocket science’?) and exercise 6 days out of 7 each week. Some days, I’m sure, will  be 100% success; some not so much (two words: snow days).  At 25, I would have worried more about less than 100%, but I ain’t 25 no more.

I’m exercising along with the Biggest Loser dvd’s we have on-hand here, alternating the CardioMax (weeks 1-2) with the Power Sculpt (weeks 1-2). Monday, Wednesday, Friday: CardioMax. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: PowerSculpt. Sunday: Lay on the couch and thank God He created the Sabbath.

Jillian Michaels is my least favorite person on earth right now. I’ve been sore in a variety of places since I began. I’m hopeful that means it’s working.

Reading success stories seems to help me stay motivated.  I’ve found some good ones at this site: ShapeFit. I’ve also set an end reward for myself, something I want very badly and need to be thinner to do anyway.  More about that later…much later.

On a side note, I’ve watched the promos for A&E’s new show, Heavy, and I’m feeling better about myself already. Is that wrong?

Contemplating one of my motivational sources,


P.S. I welcome any and all advice. Chime in with pointers, motivational tips, etc. at any time.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh-In

  1. Wonder Woman wrote: “Though I made it on the 1st, extenuating circumstances made it simply impossible to start on it until, um, more recently *wince*.”
    . . . ie. extenuating circumstances of HAVING to make all those choc. covered cake balls. . . Funny, I had the same thing happen at my house between Jan. 1 and Jan. 12 (when I finally started my “resolution”. . but it involved yogurt covered pretzels being in the house.


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