Bring the hilarity and practical wisdom of Heather Lewis to your next ladies’ retreat, women’s dinner, parenting conference, or school!

Heather Lewis has a way of connecting with live audiences that is unparalleled. Her unique combination of humor and truth leaves listeners filled with life-changing information while being entertained, much like the feeling one has after reading her daily blog posts.

Here’s what Dawn Wilson, co-author of LOL with God, says after reading an AinW post:

“Oh my … I am LOL-ing so hard.”

Photographer (and fellow homeschooling mom), Jami Dodd writes:

“That [story] is too funny. You can’t make this stuff up! I laugh everyday over your adventures…, it’s as good as watching a comedian! Thank you for your willingness to share it with the world!”

Heather works hard to not only entertain, but also inspire.

Author/publisher Maria Keckler says the following:

“Anyone who invites you [Heather] to speak about life, teaching, or learning will be blessed.”

Heather speaks on a variety of topics and will work with the event planner on fine-tuning the content. The following are some of the topics on which Heather commonly speaks:

Humor Me, Lord
A Bible study, written by Heather, for those who are a little off-center. It exists to showcase God’s unrivaled sense of humor, as revealed to us through His Word. Heather will lead your group through one or more of her studies in person. You’ll get the benefit of learning more about God’s word and the merriment of Heather’s Saturday-Night-Live inspired sense of humor. You’ll laugh. You’ll learn. You’ll see God from a perspective that, perhaps, you never have before.

Conquering Your Curse: Being the Wife He Needs
Using her humor-infused take on life, Heather expounds on how modern-day wives still struggle against the curses put upon Eve after the Fall in the Garden.  Answering questions like, “Why do I constantly feel the need to tell my husband how to drive?”, she provides scenarios which help audience members identify, the biblical basis for the problem, and practical solutions. Anyone who is a wife or will ever be a wife is sure to benefit from Heather’s personal story of becoming the wife her husband needs.

Educating Your Children No Matter Where They Go To School
After serving for more than a decade in both the public and private education sectors, Heather currently homeschools her daughter. She is also completing a doctoral degree in educational leadership.  All told, there are few with the breadth of educational experience she has.  In this seminar, Heather will walk parents through their God-given responsibilities in educating their children, no matter where the children attend school day-to-day. Learn which teaching can be released to educational professionals, if you choose private or public education, and what you, as the parent, should be teaching at home.

Dig Deep: Methods of Inductive Bible Study
Learn how to study God’s word for yourself.  In this session, Heather teaches learners how to study the Bible line-by-line and word-for-word. Whether you’re a beginner or have been studying in this format awhile, Heather’s seminar is sure to teach, encourage, and inspire.

Yours, Mine, and God’s: The Art and Understanding of Blending Families Scripturally
Some estimates note that at least 50% of families in the church are blended families, yet what is the church doing to reach out to them? Using her lighthearted style, Heather tackles this hot-button topic from personal experience, both successes and failures, and gives practical tips on how families can ease the transition from single parenting to fully blended.  Topic covered include: dating with children, marital oneness, consistent/effective discipline, navigating the raising of children who live in dual households, and more. This session is effective not only for single parents and blended families, but also covers many topics that any parent would appreciate.

Educational Consultation Services
Extensive training and experience in all facets of school administration, improvement, and teaching make Heather the perfect consultant for your school.  She is available to consult with your school in the following areas:

  • Teacher training
  • School improvement planning
  • I have this data, now what?
  • Classroom/school-wide discipline planning
  • School philosophy, mission, vision
  • Rhetorical writing
  • Socratic teaching methods
  • Evaluating instruction
  • Emergency planning

If you are interested in inviting Heather to your event, please complete the form below and someone will contact you soon. Many thanks!



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