Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.

Proverbs 17:28

Introversion is a fickle mistress. Its preferred role in my life is a grand, two-headed monster named Dichotomy. Normally, it looks like this: I have no problem speaking to hundreds, or even thousands and have done so on a number of occasions, but one-on-one follow-up conversations afterward? Terrifying. Being alone is preferred over being with, well, just about anyone, and, therefore, people in my life are hand-picked, not two-fisted from the bulk bin. Texting? All. Day. Long. Talking to an actual human on the phone (or otherwise)? Uh, no. Usually, when they call, I just text them back to ask them what they want. This drives my mother crazy.

Hi. My name is Heather, and I’m an introvert.

{Picture withheld to protect the introvert.}

I’m married to Eric, an extrovert.

Eric at Sunset Cliffs Edited


We have a teenager, McKenna. Also an extrovert.

DSC_1125 edited again


Ty is our toddler. Extrovert.

Baby Ty PS with watermark


Pretty much, in our house there’s just non-stop talking. And, bless their hearts, they just want to have more people over, so they can talk to them! “Let’s have a pool party, Mom!” or “Let’s have so-and-so over for dinner, Honey!” It’s unbelievable, really.  I was predestined to be the DL, or Designated Listener, and, quite frankly, it’s exhausting.

See, talking without meaning just isn’t my thing. The weather, sports, politics, to vaccinate or not, or any myriad of other topics just aren’t something I want to discuss. Oh, I both know and have an opinion on all these matters and more; I just don’t see the point in bantering back and forth about them. It burns time that I could be using doing important things like thinking about this stuff. When I have something to say, I say it, but usually only after hours and hours of internal processing has been done. Alone. That’s right. I generally think before I talk, and I generally only talk about things that matter. My housemates talk about everything, matter or no matter. They process things this way. That’s their style and fine for them. They think while they’re talking.

What’s interesting is that the bulk of society would peg me as the odd one, while celebrating the outgoing nature of those in my family. But what if, and just go with me here for a minute, what if I’m the one who’s normal, and all that talking is somehow damaging the nerve endings or capillaries or hangy-downy thingies in the precious throats of my husband and children? I guess, when we’re all old, and I’m the only one with vocal chords left, we’ll know. Won’t we?

I take pictures. I cook stuff. I read things. I write things.

You’re welcome.


Et tu, generous reader? Intro? Extro? Biverted? I just made that up.


17 thoughts on “About

  1. You are so awesome. But I guess that sounds like something your mother would say right? You must do a blog on Wonder Woman and why you chose that picture. Knowing you, that’s a great story. But you are Wonderful Woman. Kiss the Diva for me.


  2. I had NO idea U were this awesome…I mean, I knew u were a super cool chic, but this blog is hysterically great!!!! Lovin it bunches.


  3. Hi Heather,

    I want you to know that I read about one-two books a week. When I read your stuff I am mesmerized. If you write a book I want the first copy, and I will promote it like crazy. Keep it up, yur good.



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  6. Delighted to see your e-mail announcement! Congratulations on your family’s addition, Ty! Can’t believe the Diva is 14. Looking forward to catching up. Debbie in WA


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  8. Love it! Texting over a phone call just about any day of the week!! Face to face conversation? I stink at it expect with my hubby and my daughters. I am much more confident and comfortable with texting, emailing and blogging – I have time to ‘process’ it before clicking sending. 🙂
    Like Leah I am here from The Loft Link UP and yes looking forward to those pictures – I like photography too. Don’t do it often enough.


  9. This is hilarious! I’d rather think than talk too, but don’t think I could ever think up creative stuff like this. Too much talking affects brain cells too, not just vocal cords 🙂 Anyway, I too am visiting from The Loft and so glad to meet you!


  10. So funny!!! I track with you a bit as an introvert, but prefer one on one to big crowds. But this: This I totally get:
    “See, talking without meaning just isn’t my thing”

    It tests my patience to be married to an “external processor”!!!
    Glad you linked up at #TheLoft !!!


  11. Hangy-downy-thingies…that’s EXACTLY what I call them. 2 of my 3 talk a lot. The other talks about the games he plays, but doesn’t talk a lot otherwise. I hate to tune him out, though, because that’s when I usually end up saying yes to chocolate chip cookies, or lighting a candle. For as much as they talk, though, they do have their quiet times…like that 1 week the summer of 2012 when they were sick…. 😉 I’m stopping by from The Loft and LOVED reading your post here!! Join us again next week, I hope?


  12. I call them the “hangy-downy-thingies” too!! 🙂 This was a great read, thank you! I’m sort of an extrovert until I’m out of energy. And I have to *really* want to get together with someone to expend the energy getting ready to go, gearing up for the time, and being there. Thanks for sharing at The Loft. Join us again next week?


  13. I think you and I would be fast friends if we ever met. I laughed over your descriptions because they hit so close to home. Actually, I am “ok” one-on-one, but groups tire me out. And I’m the listener, too; the ONLY one, as it turns out.


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