Oh, Fudge! No, Really…Fudge.

I mentioned last week that I’ve recently begun a new, and very long, journey.

Some days, as I travel far and wide on my quest, this is what gets me through:

Is it as healthy as an orange?


Does it have the fiber of Raisin Bran?

No, again.

Would it be sold at the Whole Foods store?

No, and we don’t have but one within a hundred miles of here anyway. They’ll never know.

Does it keep me from poking my own eye out sometimes?

YES, YES, and, again I say, YES!

I can’t remember where I got this super-easy-to-make, no-candy-thermometer-involved, chocolate fudge recipe, but here’s what I can tell you:

Each delectable, little piece has only about 100 calories (2 WW Points, to the lay person). For 100 calories, I can feed my chocolate craving and trick my body into thinking I’m doing something naughty, all the while losing weight.

Sometimes I eat more than one.

At a time.

Ain’t no shame in my game.

I’ve attached a recipe card here so, you, too, can go¬† another week without poking out one (or both) of your precious eyes.

It ain’t worth it.

Click, print, and cook: Easy-Peasy Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge

Over and out,



3 thoughts on “Oh, Fudge! No, Really…Fudge.

  1. Thank you very much. I am not a fan of fudge, but my diabetic husband is. I may try this for him when his sugar is down as a little reward.

    Thank you even more for adding “Easy Peasy”. Makes me think of that hot little young guy on Food Network, Jamie Oliver. I could watch him cook all day.


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