Heavy Drinker

“Surely a woman never looks prettier than when making tea.” ~Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Lady Audley’s Secret

photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org

photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org


PIN IT, Y’all!

Given what you know about my background as a strict, teetotalling, Southern Baptist (now a Recovering Baptist), it might surprise you to know that I am, in fact, a heavy drinker. My drinking “vice” is actually virtuous, though, as I drink over a gallon of water per day, and I have definite opinions about how it should be served. Shocking that I have opinions, I know.

photo credit: cleanwateraction.org

photo credit: cleanwateraction.org

Since beginning The 30-Day Exercise Challenge (Hey, Challenge peeps! Mama Heather loves y’all!), my water intake has increased dramatically. Add in the over-100-degree temps here in North Texas, and you’ve got yourself a two-gallon-a-day blogger here. Easy.

In the more recent past, I’ve added tea to my daily, heavy-drinking regimen.

photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org

photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Since I’m a Southerner, you might assume that I drink sweet, iced tea, but that is simply not the case. In fact, I can’t remember ever having picked Sweet Tea when given a choice. I know that probably shocks those of y’all that live somewhere that has snow or other inappropriate weather, but it’s true! Call me Uncle Si (he drinks unsweet tea, too!).

I do, however, want my tea, like my water, to be ice cold. That is,  unless I’m having hot peppermint tea. Or hot pumpkin spice tea. Or hot vanilla tea. Or…oh, nevermind.

Almost daily, I field a question or two about what kind of tea I drink, how I prepare it, where to buy it, etc. Currently, I drink the equivalent of four cups of tea per day (not including the ones I drink for ‘fun’), some of which is for weight loss, others for other health reasons.

Let me break it down for you:

1 cup equivalent of Roasted Dandelion Root Tea per day

1 cup equivalent of Decaf Green Tea per day

2 cups equivalent of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea per day

Before I go to bed, I use my favorite (hands-down), if-you-don’t-have-one-of-these-you’re-missing-out-on-life kitchen appliance, my electric tea kettle {affiliate link} to heat up a kettle-full of water to boiling. I lay out three coffee mugs. I put each type of tea into each mug ( 1 bag of Dandelion in one, 1 bag of Green Tea in one, and 2 bags of Raspberry Leaf in one), then I fill each with boiling water. I let them sit on the counter and steep overnight.

In the morning, I prepare them this way:

The Dandelion tea gets poured into two quart-sized Mason jars (half in each). Then, I begin to build my detox tea {recipe here} by adding cranberry juice and lemon juice to each jar. I add ice and fill the rest with water. I drink these two quarts over the course of the day. This particular version of tea is designed to pull excess water off of your body and, boy, does it work! Stay close to the bathroom, man. “They” claim you can use it to lose 5 pounds in 7 days. “I” say I’m just happy to have my eyes and hands not be so swollen and my headache go away. If bitter is not your thing (and I get that), you could add a little stevia, Truvia, or other natural sweetener of choice. This tea is naturally decaffeinated.

The Green Tea I drink straight. I’m hard-core that way. It’s supposed to aid in weight loss. I’ve used it in the past and had good results, and I need all the help I can get. This tea is very caffeinated but, since caffeine and my body are sworn enemies, I buy a decaf version. If you play well with caffeine, go for it. The caffeine should actually help your body burn more calories.

The Red Raspberry Tea is my favorite. I do drink it Sweet-Tea style. I pour the entire cup of two-bag concentrate into a third Mason jar, add stevia to sweeten, and fill the rest of the jar with ice and water. I usually drink it with my breakfast. What is the purpose of Raspberry Tea, you ask? It helps, um, female issues. The older I get, and all. The first month I started drinking this wonder tea, “that time” was like a night-and-day difference from the month before. No pain. No bloating. No moodiness. Other than the usual, of course. My family members call it my Uterus Tea. They want me to drink it and eagerly serve it to me in my Wonder Woman mug. For reals. This tea, too, is naturally decaffeinated.

These mixes could easily be doubled, tripled, or more to make a bigger batch for the week.

Here are Amazon {affiliate} links to the different tea varieties I use, in case you have trouble finding these specialty teas in your neck-of-the-woods. They are available at Target and Whole Foods for immediate-gratification people, but Amazon’s prices are actually better. And also this: free two-day shipping, people! Waaaay cheaper than a trip to the doctor and meds, in the case of the Raspberry Tea.

Amazon: Shopping for Introverts.

Buy: Electric Tea Kettle

Buy: Roasted Dandelion Root Tea

Buy: Green Tea (caffeinated)

Buy: Green Tea (decaffeinated)

Buy: Red Raspberry Leaf Tea


Don’t miss the mid-point update on The 30-Day Exercise Challenge! Friday is Day 15 (that’s halfway, for the non-mathematicians in the house), and I’m excited to tell y’all what’s going on here and hear from you about what’s going on at your house with Jillian. Y’all didn’t kill her, did y’all?

Aaaaand, in plenty of time for y’all to prepare and recruit your friends and family, I’m announcing the NEXT 30-Day Exercise Challenge! One that will take us all the way to the end of October! And you know I’ve got plans for after that….mwahahaha!

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THM-Friendly School Lunch Ideas

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” ~Orson Welles

lunch edited

PIN IT, y’all!

Is this that time already? Is it just me, or does it seem like the summer gets shorter and shorter each year?

Awhile back, I put out a survey, and boy did you respond! Thank you! Many of you have asked for THM-friendly school lunch ideas, but the truth is that what you probably just need are ideas…any old school lunch ideas. Sure, they could be on-plan, but around about mid-October the 987th peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich is looking rather uninspired, and you just want something new. And even though we homeschool our kids, the truth is I need ideas too, if only for packing my husband’s lunch.

The ideas on this post, which are THM-Friendly but just plain, old good lunches, make a few assumptions:

1. Your child(ren) have no access to a microwave or other heating machinery at the place where they eat lunch. While I used to work at a school that did provide microwaves for student use, I know these are few and far between, and I understand why. The ideas here will be presented assuming the food will be eaten cold or from a Thermos (do people even use those anymore?) of some sort. If they do have microwave access…BONUS!

2. Your child(ren) do have an insulated lunch bag/box/suitcase and an ice pack/cold pack of some sort to keep things cool between the time you pack them and the time they eat them. Also, soup and smoothie ideas assume a Thermos or other insulated bottle of some type.

3. Your child(ren) are interested in, or at least willing to, eat food that’s on-plan. Many of the ideas here are just that…ideas. If you didn’t tell the child(ren) they were on-plan, they might not even know. That’s the power of motherhood. Mwahaha.

4. Your child(ren) are sticking with either S or E meals. Creating an S-Helper, Fuel Pull, or Crossover are easy tweaks.

5. That “lunch” is a relative term in post-modernity and “breakfast” items like eggs or “dinner” items like steak can be eaten at “lunchtime”.

6. That this list is not, by any means, comprehensive but is a get-you-started, mix-and-match kick-off-the-school-year list.

7. That I have no idea what your babies are allergic to/like/don’t like, so do what works for them, man!

Sandwiches and Wraps

The variations here are endless. May I submit to you that making and refrigerating Gwen’s Easy Bread be something you incorporate into your weekly routine? Like sweet-tea-making here in The South. Two pieces of Gwen’s Bread make the basis for a great E sandwich. And also this: low-carb wraps. Amen.

Low-fat/sugar-free lunchmeat of choice (mix it up, man!) with low-fat cheese slices, low-fat mayo and/or mustard and choice of veggies on either Gwen’s Bread, Ezekiel Bread or low-carb wraps (E); recommendation…buy meat from the deli…when caught on-sale it’s cheaper than the pre-packaged stuff and they’ll slice it how you like it…we ask for shaved. Shaved’s the bomb.
Two scrambled eggs (not just for breakfast, man!) with full-fat cheese and regular mayo (throw in some meat if you want) on low-carb wrap only (S); wrap in a paper towel and aluminum foil for insulation…should stay warm until lunch
Tuna/chicken/egg/ham/turkey salad (cooked, chopped meat/egg with mayo and seasonings or add avocado too!) with/without choice of veggies on low-carb wrap only (S)
PB&J wraps using on-plan peanut butter and jam…watch your portions (E/S)
Hebrew National 97% fat-free beef hot dogs wrapped in Gwen’s Bread and baked ahead of time with Ranch mustard dip (E)
Same hot dogs topped with shredded full-fat cheese and wrapped in low-carb wraps with mustard dip (S)
Veggies-only sammie with low-fat mayo and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar on Gwen’s Bread (E)
Leftover meat wrap (grilled steak, roasted chicken, cooked turkey slices, ham steak, bacon, turkey bacon…endless possibilities) (S)
Mexican wrap (cooked ground turkey breast seasoned with taco seasoning with beans and light cheese and veggies on wrap) (E)


Smoothies are generally best right out of the blender, but they can be good later on. My husband takes his in a Mason jar to work and, when he’s ready to drink it, gives it a hearty shake and drinks it down. Any smoothie or protein shake that you would normally make, pour into an insulated Thermos-type bottle and pack in the bag with an ice pack. When your little precious one is ready to drink it, he/she just needs to give it a quick shake and go for it.
Tip #1: Funky straws are fun for littles (and me, too!). Bed, Bath, and Beyond sells milkshake straws for $1.99 per bag.
Tip #2: Pour ice-water into Thermos or insulated bottle then empty it out before putting shake in. That way, the bottle’s already cold, helping the smoothie keep its temperature.
Tip #3: Throw some greens into your little person’s smoothie. Spinach is a mild-flavored beginner green. Increase the amount gradually over time and, chances are, they won’t even notice. The blueish-purple of blueberries covers the green nicely. Just sayin’.


My teenager loves the Just-Like Campbell’s Tomato Soup from the book. We make it in batches of four times the recipe and keep individual portions in the fridge. The light Progresso soups are also on-plan, as are any number of soups, both in the book and on Pinterest and blogs. The possibilities are endless.

The technique is simple.  In the morning, fill the Thermos or other insulated bottle with hot, hot water and allow to sit for a few minutes in the morning. Heat the soup separately. Then, pour the hot water out of the bottle, pour the hot soup into the bottle, close the bottle tightly and pack away from the cold stuff. On a day when soup is packed, try a side of some type of flourless cracker or other non-cold items.


Apple dippers with peanut butter dip (Greek yogurt, defatted peanut flour, sweetener) (E)
Veggie dippers with Ranch dip (Greek yogurt, dry Ranch seasoning) (FP)
On-plan blue corn chips (watch portions) (E)
Flourless crackers: Just-Like Wheat Thins or other from the book or Homemade Cheez-It’s (S); add some Greek Ranch dip for kicks
Mashed sweet potato (bake, remove from jacket and mash with cinnamon and sweetener) (E)
One portion of fruit (E)
Cottage cheese or Greek yogurt with berries, sweetener and vanilla extract (FP)
Side green salad with Ranch (S) or light balsamic (E)
Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips (E)


Don’t discount the power of the leftover in school lunches: leftover Fooled Ya Pizza is especially delicious!
Use leftover, cooked meat to make wraps, salads or delicious egg scrambles.
You get the idea…


Give the kid a sweet treat, would ya?
Mine love the Peanut Squares from the book or any cookie coming out of Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen.
What about a slice of on-plan banana bread? Or even a half-slice?
These Coconut-Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies are the poo, and the recipe makes a ton. Flash-freeze baked and cooled cookies on a sheet pan then put frozen cookies into a large Ziploc freezer bag. Pop a couple of frozen cookies into the lunchbag and, by lunchtime, they’ll be ready to eat! Do this with just about any cookie.
A small portion of Brownie Batter Overnight Oatmeal. This stuff is like candy, man!
If you’re packing an insulated bag, why not some skinny chocolate?


Any of the sippers would work in an insulated bottle for lunchtime drinks.
Consider a fruit-tea version brewed and cooled then sweetened with on-plan sweetener.
Here’s a cool idea that my mom used to use when packing my lunch when I was a kid. Of course, she packed me a Diet Coke, but you could just as easily substitute Zevia or other on-plan, canned colas. The night before, take one can of refrigerated soda, double wrap in paper towel, then wrap in aluminum foil. Place in freezer overnight. When packing lunches the next day, put cold soda in lunch bag. By lunchtime, the soda can be unwrapped and should still be ice-cold but not frozen. There may sometimes be icy bits…love that!

Does this help you get started? I mean, I haven’t even started talking about muffins yet! I’d love for you to post additional ideas in the comments section below for everyone to see. Mamas helping mamas is powerful stuff, man! Mamas gotta stick together.


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The 30-Day Exercise Challenge starts Monday. If you don’t want to join us, at least pray for us, will ya? Jillian’s a BEAST, man!

Printable Meal Plan Plus A GIVEAWAY

Author’s Note: This is NOT an official THM post. This is my story, my strategy, a portion of my journey down the THM road. THM stands for Trim Healthy Mama, the title of a book written by Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett. The book outlines a break from the (or at least my) American tradition in terms of thinking about food, a call to eat and enjoy food the way God intended it. Besides owning the book and subscribing to this way of eating, and routinely purchasing and enjoying their sweeteners, I am not otherwise associated with or employed by THM. I’m ‘just’ a regular Mama…like you. This post was written under the assumption that the reader has/has access to the book and holds a basic understanding of the meal types and eating cycles. If you don’t currently have the book, go buy it, man!

While there are few guarantees in life, I guarantee that any errors made here are completely mine and absolutely unintended. If you’ll let me know about them in a most gracious and loving manner, I’ll try to fix ’em quickly. If you’re determined to be mean and nasty, eat some cake. That always helps me feel better.

Author’s Note, Part Deux: To learn more about my weekly meal-planning process, click here.

Author’s Note, III: I’m going to make Peanut Squares now. Amen.

If you like FREE stuff, you’ll want to read all the way to the bottom of this post!


veggies edited

Last week, I offered up my meal-planning strategies to you in the hopes of helping other Mamas. I included my personal first week’s meal plan and grocery list, in addition to a blank, meal-planning printable so that you could go forth and meal-plan like a boss. Remember this? 🙂

Blank Meal Plan Sheet

I also included a survey asking for feedback on further meal planning, and, boy did you respond! Thank you!

You said you wanted more Fuel Pull meals and snacks, and you’ll see them added to this week’s meals. You said you’re on a budget (me, too!), and this week’s meal plan is perfect for that, offering lots of inexpensive options and opportunities to stretch one food staple across many meals (whole chickens are cheap, man!). You said your kids were starting back to school soon (already?) and you wanted school lunch ideas. Coming right up…sometime this week, so stay tuned (I’d love to include YOUR ideas if you’d be willing to leave them in the comments section of this post)! I hope I hit all of your highlights, but, if you want more or less of something on next week’s plan, I welcome your feedback.

Here’s this week’s plan >>>>>>  My THM Meal Plan Week Two

Simply print it out, make your grocery list (You’re ready! You can do this! I believe in you! Don’t forget the toilet paper!), cross off what you already have at home (This makes me feel so accomplished and powerful! I really should get out more.), and shop away. And don’t worry if you can’t start it on Sunday. Just start Sunday’s meals on your Day 1 of the week. There should be no super-secret-squirrel ingredients in any of these meals, with a few exceptions. In those cases, I’ve noted a work-around, or you can substitute that meal/snack with something else entirely. If you’d like to order the defatted peanut flour mentioned on the meal plan, this one is the one I use.

On the meal plan, I’ve utilized primarily recipes from the book. They feel safe. However, I did start being more adventurous in my second week and branched out to The Blogosphere, Pinterest, and other forums for recipes.

Here are direct links to the non-book recipes I reference on this week’s meal plan:

Gwen’s Easy Bread from Gwen’s Nest: We would be eating this if we were not on THM! I use 4 1/2 cups whole wheat flour and 2 cups all-purpose.

Cousin Carolyn’s Low-Carb Cabbage from Adventures in Womanland

Cheesy-Cheese Garlic Biscuits from Satisfying Eats

Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies from Counting All Joy

Brownie Batter Overnight Oatmeal from Dashing Dish

Cheeseburger Quesadillas from Gwen’s Nest

Almond Flour Cheese Crackers from The Grassfed Mama

Pretzel Dogs from Gwen’s Nest

Apple Pancake Bake from Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen

Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas from A Home With Purpose

And now for the best part! FREE STUFF!

Next weekend, my teenager is going to choose one person from my subscriber list to receive a free goodie! Winner has the choice of receiving ONE of the following:

Trim Healthy Mama book

Three bags of THM Sweet Blend sweetener

This hand-weight set, especially timely for those of you following The 30-Day Exercise Challenge

Camelback water bottle in winner’s choice of color

Once you enter your email address in the box at the top, right corner of this page and become a subscriber, you’re entered. Current subscribers are already entered to win! Get crackin’!

**Giveaway sponsored solely by AinW.**


On deck this week: Mom Hack designed to stop the sippy cup/dirty glass madness

Creamy New England Crab Spread (THM-S/Low-Carb)

School Lunch Ideas that are THM-Friendly

Meal Planning 101 with Printables

Author’s Note: This is NOT an official THM post. This is my story, my strategy, a portion of my journey down the THM road. THM stands for Trim Healthy Mama, the title of a book written by Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett. The book outlines a break from the (or at least my) American tradition in terms of thinking about food, a call to eat and enjoy food the way God intended it. Besides owning the book and subscribing to this way of eating, and routinely purchasing and enjoying their sweeteners, I am not otherwise associated with or employed by THM. I’m just a regular Mama…like you. This post was written under the assumption that the reader has/has access to the book and holds a basic understanding of the meal types and eating cycles. If you don’t currently have the book, go buy it, man!

While there are few guarantees in life, I guarantee that any errors made here are completely mine and absolutely unintended.

Author’s Note, Part Deux: Meal-planning is meal-planning. While I write to you specifically detailing how I meal-plan on THM, my meal-planning life prior to THM was very similar. This is about the process, not necessarily THM. If you are not a THMer, keep reading. This is for you, too.

Author’s Note, III: I’m going to make Volcano Mud Slide muffin now. Amen.


One of the biggest obstacles I faced when beginning the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan was preparation.

How I Meal Plan for Trim Healthy Mama

The sheer volume of information available out there was overwhelming, to say the least.

I spent literal hours each week trying to figure out what to eat. This way of eating is so different from what I was accustomed to, and the sweet authors have done such an incredible amount of research in the compilation of this 619-page work.  Immediately, my logical-mathematical brain went into organizational, survival mode, and I tapped out a quick form for organizing my meals for the week, printed out multiple copies, and stuck them in a binder. In the interest of helping anyone out there who may be (a) having trouble knowing where to start, (b) organizationally challenged, or (c) lacking time to create these helps (or a combination of these, or something else altogether), I want to share them with you.

This first resource is my blank meal-planning sheet. Like I said, I keep multiple copies in my binder. I complete them in pencil, so I can erase and move things as needed. Here’s my process:

1 . Check my fridge, pantry and freezer for ingredients I already have and attempt to put together what meals I can from what I have. My attempt at good stewardship.
2. Ask family members if there’s anything they’d especially like to have in the coming week. After all, I’m not the only one who eats in my house. Their answers generally involve Fooled Ya Pizza (book, p. 276), Cheeseburger Pie (book, p. 326), Just Like Campbell’s Tomato Soup (book, p. 292), Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas from A Home with Purpose, or Almond Flour Cheese Crackers from The Grassfed Mama. For me, in addition to those, it’s the Apple Pancake Bake from Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen. Mrs. Criddle is my new online food BFF.
3. Work through my Pinterest board (throughout the week, my teenaged daughter and I pin recipes to this shared board), emails (I email myself recipes on occasion that I think I’d like to try), and the book for recipes I want to make.
4. Now that I know what I have on-hand and have an idea of what I’d like to make, I pencil in the Meal Plan Sheet.

Click here to download ====>>>> THM Meal Plan Sheet

 THM Meal Plan Sheet

5. Next, I take the recipes noted on the Meal Plan Sheet and make a grocery list.
6. Then, I go back through the grocery list, double checking my pantry, fridge and freezer, and cross off anything I already have on-hand. Good stewardship: second verse.

Now, I’m ready to shop.

If that all still seems like too much right now, I get it. Like, totally. I had my book for over a month before I got up the courage to even attempt to meal plan. Because I’ve been there, I’m also including my first week’s completed Meal Plan Sheet here for  you. All the recipes are directly from the book for ease, unless it’s just something simple that I concocted, in which case, I included the directions right on the sheet. There’s nothing overly exciting on there. It was all I could do in week one to just make the transition to a new way of cooking/thinking. As I gained confidence, I added more complicated recipes and a greater variety. Many of my current faves are on my Pinterest board (read: Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies). I’ve also learned more about the eating style, what works for my body, what works for my family, what works for my budget, and what I have time to prepare. Turns out, totally rethinking food comes with lots of lessons. Hindsight, and all.

  Click here to download ======>>>>> Week One THM Meal Plan

Week One THM Meal Plan

And, because I love you, man, the accompanying grocery list. All of the items on this list I have been able to find either at Kroger or WalMart. The quantity of these items you’ll need to buy will vary based on how many mouths you are feeding. Notice there are no sippers (GGMS, Singing Canary, Wonder Woman Whiskey, or The Shrinker) on the list or plan. I worked those in later; however, you could add them in if you want. Likewise, recipes requiring specialty items (i.e. defatted peanut flour, coconut flour, psyllium husk powder, gluccomannan, etc.) are also not here. I worked into those, too, as my budget (and patience and self-esteem) allowed. I also now use the THM Sweet Blend in place of the Truvia on my Week One plan, but you’ll get there.

Click here to download =====>>>>> Week One Grocery List

Print the Week One Meal Plan Sheet and Week One Grocery List, check for things you already have on-hand, cross them off, calculate exactly how much of each remaining item you’ll need according to the number of people eating this way in your house, add other items you may need (i.e. toilet paper…always toilet paper), shop for what you need, and you’re ready to begin the week. The Meal Plan Sheet starts on Sunday, but you can start on any day you like. I started on Tuesday because I usually grocery shop on Monday, but my OCD (or CDO for those of us who have it really bad and need it to be alphabetized) wouldn’t allow me to start a printed calendar on a Tuesday. My brain doesn’t have a “random” cycle. At nearly 40 years of age, I’ve learned to embrace this about myself.

As my family and I ate our way went through the first week, I went back to my Meal Plan sheet and marked each meal based on whether we really liked it, tolerated it, or hated it. Then, when I got ready for Week Two, I started planning by transferring our Really Liked It meals from week one to a new Meal Plan Sheet (we ate those jokers again, man!), then filled in the blanks with new meals to try. After a few weeks of that, we had an entire new repertoire of meals we really like.

A Word About the S/E Balance and S-Helpers/Crossovers:
At first, as you’ll see on my Week One Meal Plan, I started with all S dinners and alternated the rest. I wanted my family to have a really satisfying evening meal that included dessert each night in an attempt at getting them on-board the plan with me. Later, I adopted another strategy for  balancing between S and E, which I’ll detail in a later post.  I believe my Sunday snack is actually an FP, but that was not on purpose, I guarantee you. I tried really hard not to have S-Helpers or Crossovers, as I have quite a bit of weight to lose, and I’m (currently) neither pregnant or nursing; however, either of those can easily be achieved by adding an element to a meal that’s already here.

Are there ways my forms can be improved? Yep. Have I learned as I have gone along? You betcha! Do I keep putting one fork foot in front of the other in an attempt at moving forward? You know that’s right.

Use these to jump in! Then, you’ll at least be buying yourself another week to look into the depths of the book and other resources.


Want to get updates on Adventures in Womanland’s posts? Enter your email address in the subscriber box on the right side of the blog. The following THM-related posts are coming up in the near future:

  • My Family’s THM Tried and True Recipes: An Organized List – a collection of my family’s favorite THM-inspired recipes (ones that we’ve tried and are kid and hubby approved), including directions to those in the book alongside some spins we like to put on them, links to those on other blogs and Pinterest, and a few of our own I’m throwing in as a bonus.
  • Low-Carb Broccoli Salad – a delicious low-carb (THM-S) side that’s perfect for summer and good for you!
  • Defatted Peanut Flour: Why Did I Buy It and What Do I Do With It? – a tour of the most popular peanut flour recipes in our house.
  • Creamy New England Crab Spread – a hot seafood dip that’s a wonderful low-carb (THM-S) appetizer.