The 30-Day Shred: My Results

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This VIP (Very Important Post) contains my results from my most recent Jillian experience: The 30-Day Shred. Before we go very far, I’d like to take a minute and do a little recap of my weight roller coaster, so you can be up to speed. Would that be okay?

100_0698 disneyland

In 2006, I looked like this. This is the smallest I can ever remember being in my adult life.

100_0553This level of skinniness is legit in my world.

Summer 2010 croppedBy 2011, I had eaten and couch-sat my way (back) up to this. Scary on all accounts. So I started Shredding.

Side View

After I’d done one month of The 30-Day Shred and looked like this (above, right).

Side ViewI followed that up with 30 days of Ripped in 30 and looked like this (above, far right).

cropped-dsc_1298-edited.jpgThen, I had this (above, who’s now 2 1/2) and looked like this (below).

familyFat girl, far left…hiding behind as many family members as humanly possible.

Awhile ago, I decided it was time (again) to do something about this. I asked around about anyone who might be interested in joining me in supporting and encouraging each other in The 30-Day Shred and anything we saw fit to do exercise-wise after that. To date, nearly a thousand women have answered the call.

You are now up to speed.

The Shred

Here are my results from The (current) 30-Day Shred.

Inches Lost
Neck: 1
Bust: 3 (awesome…on Opposite Day)
Waist: 3
Lower Belly: 5.5
Hips: 1
Arms: 2.25
Thighs: 1.5
Calves: 1

Total Inches Lost during The 30-Day Shred: 18.25

Total Pounds Lost: 9.6

And, as promised, current (afters taken today) before and after photos:

  Before After Shred front view collage

Sorry about the scariness. I hate, Hate, HATE having my picture taken.

Before After Shred back view

Sorry about the butt shot. I didn’t know how else to capture this. And also, the back fat has GOT to go.

Before After Shred collage side viewOverall, I’m happy with my results. Had I been more diligent about my eating, I would have done better, I’m sure. One of the things I’m committing to myself is to eat better during the current Challenge, Ripped in 30.

I’m excited about The Big Collarbone Comeback of 2014.

This time, it’s about redemption.

Now, enough about me…how about you? Sound off about your results in the comments 30-Day Exercise Challenge peeps! If you (honestly) comment that you completed all 30 days of The Challenge, you’ll be entered to win a prize! I’m thinking jewelry…

I love y’all!


14 thoughts on “The 30-Day Shred: My Results

  1. I was able to complete all 30 days without any break days! Yes… That’s right… I did 30 days straight in a row of shredding! I was so determined to prove that I could do it and I did! I lost 8# during those 30 days! I did not take measurements, but I can definitely tell a difference in my before and after photos as well as in the way my clothes are fitting. Overall, I’m thrilled with my results. Once finishing the 30DS, I started Jillian’s Hard Body and am currently on day 11. I have gained so much confidence thru this! Thanks Heather for starting this challenge!!!


  2. I LOVE that you started this site! For some reason, just knowing hundreds of people are groaning about it too makes it better! I did EVERY workout even while super sick with a cold, and even after the return of a certain aunt (that I haven’t had visit in a year and a half due to having a baby!). I feel so accomplished! I have fun reading postings, commenting, and putting up silly dance videos for cardio for everyone. I don’t need a prize… I’ll post a pic of me with the Bolderband when it arrives!!! I need to take measurements this time. It might help to see that! My scale is stubborn…


  3. I lost 5 1/2″. And 3 lbs… the embarrassing part is that I only did it for 15 days!! I do well with the eating, but the only way the scale moves for me is to work out hard 5 days a week.
    I am a weenie.
    This next 30 days is gonna rock!! I am adding this healthy lifestyle to my prayers- I wanna be healthy for my family.

    I’m so excited to see these results! So many of you guys did so great- awesome results.


    • At the 15 day mark I had only lost ONE pound, and 3 inches. At the end of the 30 days however, I was down 8.6 pounds and 9.5 inches! So for me, my results really kicked into gear in the second half of the challenge….I think a lot of things are shifting and getting stronger internally when we start. So to encourage you stick with this next 30-day challenge, don’t let that number on the scale for your first 15 days discourage you! =) (And 5.5 inches and 3 lbs. is nothing to sneeze at!!)


  4. Well done Heather!! Ahh, I love a good before and after! Great results!
    Personally, I did finish the 30-Day Challenge (doing the Shred as well) and am tickled about my results — lost 9.5 inches, and 8.6 pounds — but I am not going to go find them! 😉 I’m really excited to follow up with Ripped in 30 and see even more results follow like you have had!


  5. I have to admit that I worked out about 4 times a week. But a couple weeks into the challenge, I started going for a 20 minute jog after the DVD (okay, I jogged downhill and walked the ups). So, even tho I “phoned it in” a couple times too, I am really thankful for this challenge! I would have completely quit working out by now. But I’m still in! Did the ripped in 30 this morning and felt great!
    In all, so far, I have lost 6 lbs. And 7.5 inches. Yay!


  6. I did the whole thing! I’ve never exercised that long at one time. I lost 17.5 inches! I was too embarrassed to take before pictures so none to share. But I can see a difference. Thanks for starting this group.


  7. i completed all 30 days 🙂 I started my journey 2 years ago, when I noticed a photo that my husband had taken of me! I had never realized how big I had become, and knew that I needed a lifestyle change. I started eating right, started the couch25k program and put in a few Jillian workout videos. And here I am today running longer races, feeling better about being in front of the camera and still learning to eat right lol! I did not weigh myself prior to the Shred, but I did lose around my waist and even my neck! And I see more definition in my arms 🙂


  8. I completed all 30 days. I haven’t exercised this consistently in about five and a half years! Love, love, love this group. Thanks for starting it.
    I lost 23.5 inches in thirty days (I wish half of those were from my belly. Ha!) and 5 lbs. Those lbs were holding on…after I started exercising, my body stalled, big time, for about a month and then finally released those five lbs…bringing my total weight loss, since Feb, to 60 lbs (yay for THM!!). I can’t wait to see the results after this new challenge.


  9. I completed the 30 day challenge. I did water aerobics, rode my bike, painted my house and went to the gym. I did not lose weight but I lost inches. I did not measure. I know I lost the inches by the way my clothes fit (don’t fit anymore). According to my scales I lost 3 pounds of fat but gained 3 pounds of lean muscle mass.


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