Update: Ripped in 30

PIN THIS, y’all!

As we round out the inaugural 30-Day Exercise Challenge, I bring you this from The Keep-Calm-O-Matic (yes, that’s a real thing…apparently):


And now, in the interest of moving forward and forgetting that I haven’t yet Shredded today, I bring you glad tidings of great joy:

Jillian Michaels

We are less than one week away from starting the NEW AND IMPROVED 30-Day Exercise Challenge!


This time, it’s about redemption.

And sweat. Probably mostly sweat.

Here are a few helpful pieces of information:

1. Order the DVD here. During the last Challenge, some Challengers relied on YouTube, which petered out on them in the middle of the last level. Talk about panic! They were left watching a bootlegged version of Jillian in Mandarin Chinese and trying to keep up. If you don’t speak fluent Mandarin, give serious thought to ordering the DVD.

If you’re planning to do The 30-Day Shred, here’s the link.
If you’re taking it back to The Beginner Shred, here’s that link.

2. Here are FREE printables: a calendar that you can color/mark/X off/cut the heart out of as you go, and a weight and measurement chart. You’ll notice I’m moving my rest-day from Saturday to Thursday. I have found that, if I give myself two, consecutive days off, I’m more likely to not go back at all (read: I get stuck in the couch watching Rocky…again.). One day off at a time for me. Period.

Ripped in 30 Calendar

Ripped in 30 Weight and Measurement Chart

I provided them in Word format, so you can edit them if you so choose. It’s YOUR plan, man.

Let’s DO this!



8 thoughts on “Update: Ripped in 30

  1. I’m planning to do the Beginner’s Shred (am a total couch potato right now)- do the levels correspond with the Ripped in 30 levels? I just ordered the DVD so don’t know much about it…


    • You know, I don’t know. I know The 30-Day Shred has only three levels, while Ripped in 30 has four levels. I’ve never done The Beginner Shred (it’s brand new). 🙂


      • If you do, share it on the FB group, please. That way, others who are doing The Beginner Shred can have help with planning if they want it. Thanks so much, Stephanie! 🙂


  2. Thanks. I am planning on joining in Nov and am interested in how the new Beginner Shredder DVD will work, so keep me in the loop. If that works well for your user, I will try to order it to have before I begin. Do I need any other DVDs to start?

    Love ya! Dee


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  4. The Beginning Shred has 3 levels- you do each level for 10 days. I used your calendar to modify and make it fit…5 days of just level 1 and 5 days of Level 1 & Cardio….etc. With the same numbers of rest days.

    The only thing that doesn’t line up, with your calender is their is not level 4….but you also have 41 days on your 30 Day challenge calendar. (Giggling!)

    So, I guess for a Beginner using the Beginning Shred….we will just end in 30 days. And do something else until you guys are done with your 41 days? 😉


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