30-Day EC: Spotlight on Deborah

  Day 22 of The 30-Day Exercise Challenge brings Deborah to the forefront! A few days ago, I brought you an inspiring update from Estefanie from Arizona, and before that, Toni from Auckland, New Zealand. These girls bless my heart!  If you’re not a part of this group, now is the time. The new challenge begins on September 15…plenty of time to get prayed up before Jillian takes ahold of you. Bless her heart. Bless my heart. Bless all the hearts.

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AinW: Hi! Deborah! Would you mind sharing the city where you live, your age, and a little about your weight loss/health/fitness journey before The 30-Day Exercise Challenge, including your fitness level before starting?

City: Adairville
Age: I’m 40 years old.
Fitness Level: Fitness level before the challenge was pretty low. I wasn’t doing anything before I started the challenge.

AinW: One of the things I love about this Challenge is that you can make it your own. Choose whichever program or plan works best for you! Which exercise program did you choose (i.e. 30-Day Shred, T-Tapp, other) during The Challenge?

Deborah: For this month’s challenge, I chose the C25K program but adapted it to where I could do it.

AinW: My next goal is to learn to run. I have heard good things about that program! What do you like about that program?

Deborah: I like the small challenges it has put before me. I tried this same program the first of the year 33lbs heavier than what I am now and wasn’t able to do any of it.

AinW: What do you hate about it?

Deborah: I don’t really hate the program, but what I don’t like is [getting frustrated with myself when I try to push harder and can’t do it yet]. I am  learning I need to slow down and not rush it. It will all come in due time and over these past 3 weeks it has! My running has improved tremendously.

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AinW: What are some of the obstacles or challenges you’ve overcome in completing The Challenge daily?

Deborah: I would rather do my walking/running outside (not as boring), but these past 2 weeks it’s been too hot and humid here for me to do it outside. That means either the dreaded treadmill, or as I’m learning to call it the Shredmill, or the track at my local rec center.

AinW: The Shredmill! 🙂 What benefits have you reaped from exercising daily?

Deborah: I’m now able to walk and run and able to walk longer distances without being out  of breath, and it’s helped the scales start moving again. I’ve gone down another 2-4lbs since starting this challenge.

AinW: That’s great! What do you believe about yourself and your body’s capabilities that you maybe didn’t know/believe before beginning The Challenge?

Deborah: I’m learning to be more comfy with myself and learning as I’m losing weight and my body is changing to love myself more. Before, when I would workout I hated working out in front of people, and I’ve always hated running in front of people because of me being overweight….well, not anymore! Losing these first 33lbs, I’m loving myself more and becoming more comfy with myself. Now I could care less who sees me running etc.

AinW:  I love that attitude. I believe many women can relate. What are you hoping the second half of The Challenge will bring for you/your health and fitness?

Deborah: I’m hoping in the second half of the challenge to be able to jog/run at least 1/2 a mile or more and would like to lose at least another 7lbs which would put me at 40lbs gone. 🙂

 AinW: What kind of eating plan have you followed during The Challenge? Do you feel like it’s helpful in the process or not and, if not, what is your plan moving forward?

Deborah: I’ve been very loosely following Trim Healthy Mama plan.

AinW: Me, too…emphasis on “loosely”. What’s the one piece of equipment you could not exercise without?

Deborah: Hmmm, I don’t really use any equipment, but I guess I could say my phone for my music when I’m working out alone.

AinW: What has been the most encouraging or motivating factor in this process for you?

Deborah: The most encouraging thing during this challenge is that as soon as I started doing it, I had several ladies from my church jump on board with me, and now we all try to walk/run together as much as possible.  We are all doing a walk together in September and then a 5K in October.

AinW: That’s awesome! You’ve increased your influence! How has being a part of The 30-Day Exercise Challenge on Facebook spurred you on to persevere?

Deborah: Seeing the daily posts from all the other ladies is one thing that keeps me going.

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Please join me in congratulating the winners of The Bolder Band giveaway!

Winner #1: Karen~”The only reason I’m exercising right now is because of this challenge!! It’s getting me out of bed early and I have so much more energy!! Thanks, Heather!!”

Winner #2: Alexis~”I’m encouraged by the fun vibe of the group. Whether it’s silly slogans, encouraging each other when it’s tough or having others comment on my posts. I love to see the results. I love hearing all the glory going to God. Xo”

Y’all PM me on Facebook for instructions on how to collect your prize!

Don’t worry if you didn’t win this time…there’s another giveaway coming up on Day 30, and this time I’m thinking jewelry…


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