Printable Meal Plan Plus A GIVEAWAY

Author’s Note: This is NOT an official THM post. This is my story, my strategy, a portion of my journey down the THM road. THM stands for Trim Healthy Mama, the title of a book written by Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett. The book outlines a break from the (or at least my) American tradition in terms of thinking about food, a call to eat and enjoy food the way God intended it. Besides owning the book and subscribing to this way of eating, and routinely purchasing and enjoying their sweeteners, I am not otherwise associated with or employed by THM. I’m ‘just’ a regular Mama…like you. This post was written under the assumption that the reader has/has access to the book and holds a basic understanding of the meal types and eating cycles. If you don’t currently have the book, go buy it, man!

While there are few guarantees in life, I guarantee that any errors made here are completely mine and absolutely unintended. If you’ll let me know about them in a most gracious and loving manner, I’ll try to fix ’em quickly. If you’re determined to be mean and nasty, eat some cake. That always helps me feel better.

Author’s Note, Part Deux: To learn more about my weekly meal-planning process, click here.

Author’s Note, III: I’m going to make Peanut Squares now. Amen.

If you like FREE stuff, you’ll want to read all the way to the bottom of this post!


veggies edited

Last week, I offered up my meal-planning strategies to you in the hopes of helping other Mamas. I included my personal first week’s meal plan and grocery list, in addition to a blank, meal-planning printable so that you could go forth and meal-plan like a boss. Remember this? 🙂

Blank Meal Plan Sheet

I also included a survey asking for feedback on further meal planning, and, boy did you respond! Thank you!

You said you wanted more Fuel Pull meals and snacks, and you’ll see them added to this week’s meals. You said you’re on a budget (me, too!), and this week’s meal plan is perfect for that, offering lots of inexpensive options and opportunities to stretch one food staple across many meals (whole chickens are cheap, man!). You said your kids were starting back to school soon (already?) and you wanted school lunch ideas. Coming right up…sometime this week, so stay tuned (I’d love to include YOUR ideas if you’d be willing to leave them in the comments section of this post)! I hope I hit all of your highlights, but, if you want more or less of something on next week’s plan, I welcome your feedback.

Here’s this week’s plan >>>>>>  My THM Meal Plan Week Two

Simply print it out, make your grocery list (You’re ready! You can do this! I believe in you! Don’t forget the toilet paper!), cross off what you already have at home (This makes me feel so accomplished and powerful! I really should get out more.), and shop away. And don’t worry if you can’t start it on Sunday. Just start Sunday’s meals on your Day 1 of the week. There should be no super-secret-squirrel ingredients in any of these meals, with a few exceptions. In those cases, I’ve noted a work-around, or you can substitute that meal/snack with something else entirely. If you’d like to order the defatted peanut flour mentioned on the meal plan, this one is the one I use.

On the meal plan, I’ve utilized primarily recipes from the book. They feel safe. However, I did start being more adventurous in my second week and branched out to The Blogosphere, Pinterest, and other forums for recipes.

Here are direct links to the non-book recipes I reference on this week’s meal plan:

Gwen’s Easy Bread from Gwen’s Nest: We would be eating this if we were not on THM! I use 4 1/2 cups whole wheat flour and 2 cups all-purpose.

Cousin Carolyn’s Low-Carb Cabbage from Adventures in Womanland

Cheesy-Cheese Garlic Biscuits from Satisfying Eats

Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies from Counting All Joy

Brownie Batter Overnight Oatmeal from Dashing Dish

Cheeseburger Quesadillas from Gwen’s Nest

Almond Flour Cheese Crackers from The Grassfed Mama

Pretzel Dogs from Gwen’s Nest

Apple Pancake Bake from Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen

Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas from A Home With Purpose

And now for the best part! FREE STUFF!

Next weekend, my teenager is going to choose one person from my subscriber list to receive a free goodie! Winner has the choice of receiving ONE of the following:

Trim Healthy Mama book

Three bags of THM Sweet Blend sweetener

This hand-weight set, especially timely for those of you following The 30-Day Exercise Challenge

Camelback water bottle in winner’s choice of color

Once you enter your email address in the box at the top, right corner of this page and become a subscriber, you’re entered. Current subscribers are already entered to win! Get crackin’!

**Giveaway sponsored solely by AinW.**


On deck this week: Mom Hack designed to stop the sippy cup/dirty glass madness

Creamy New England Crab Spread (THM-S/Low-Carb)

School Lunch Ideas that are THM-Friendly

21 thoughts on “Printable Meal Plan Plus A GIVEAWAY

  1. Oh would love a copy of the book. Haven’t been able to purchase it so I keep borrowing from the library…I imagine they are tired of me doing that, I sure am!


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  3. I would love to win the book and have it ordered at the library. It will be at least 3 weeks before it comes in. I can’t afford it at this time as I’ve been off work from an injury and my paycheck is next to nothing. It would be great to be able to read the book and get the recipes all the same time. Thanks for all your hard work it sure looks like its paid off for a quite a few people.


  4. Pingback: Family Field Trip: Dry Valley Dairy | Adventures In Womanland

  5. Thanks for the opportunity to win! I would enjoy the sweet blend. I have heard so much about it, but not purchased any yet. I am excited about the exercise challenging coming up and look forward to seeing all of our results at the end of it! Thank you for putting together the group and the encouragement!


  6. I would love to enter but the spot for me to enter my email address isn’t showing up on my screen! I’ve tried reloading the page because I have a feeling I would have to scroll over to see it and a scroll doesn’t show at the bottom of my page. I’m sad 😦


    • Hi, there! I’m sorry that happened to you. Would it be okay if I sent you a personal email invite to subscribe? Then we can circumnavigate these issues entirely and declare victory over the evils of technology! Mwahaha! 😉


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  8. I’m having trouble, too. I clicked the.”follow” box and then saw where to subscribe. But when I chose that it said I was logged in? And didn’t let me add my email address?


  9. I just found your blog!!! I might be too late for the giveaway, but I’m still excited to follow and learn some helpful hints on my new THM journey! Thank you!!


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