A Farmer John Update

Awhile back, I told you about how Big Daddy and the Diva had taken on a gardening project now that plantin’ season is upon us.

Although it’s still shockingly cool here in the South, daffodil and tulip season is clearly over. Big Daddy (aka Farmer John) pulled up all his spring crops, his Romaine lettuce, his tulips, his daffodils, his spinach and such, and replaced them with some of our favorite summer stuff.

Oh, and the Diva, who, as it turns out, has the gardening attention span of a gnat, has moved on to something more sparkly.  Farmer John has been left to his own devices and has developed quite a passion for gardening, even readin’ fancy gardenin’ books and all.

It all started last summer. We were in transition from California to East Tennessee when Big Daddy decided to plant a few rows of squash and zucchini over at his parents’ place. One day, I was in his momma’s kitchen making dinner, when my father-in-law walked in. Alone. Since Big Daddy and my father-in-law ride to work together, I wondered what had happened to Big Daddy. So I asked.

My father-in-law, he of deadpan sense of humor and mild manners, said with a straight face, “Farmer John’s out there checkin’ his crops.”

Maybe you have to know my father-in-law to know how funny it is. But it is. Very funny.

Anyway, on that day, Big Daddy, forevermore, became Farmer John during the spring and summer months.  Really, he’s kind of obsessed with these plants.  He checks on them as soon as he comes in from work. He waters and feeds them. He looks at them very carefully and reports any new growth to the Diva and me immediately. He wants to be made aware if anything on the dinner table came from his garden.

If I didn’t intervene, he might get a sleeping bag and sleep out there with them.

Here’s what he’s workin’ right now:

Tomatoes. Lots and lots of tomatoes. Seriously, we eat several tomatoes a day, which I currently have to buy from the man down by the courthouse. We’ve got Romas and slicers, and I can’t wait for them to be ready to eat.

Bell peppers. They gross me out, but Big Daddy likes them. He’s the farmer, so he gets to pick. He’s also got some squash and zucchini out there, but no action yet on them.

Herbs. Not the kind of herbs that people get arrested for growing around here. We’ve just got the regular stuff. Basil, cilantro, etc. Last night, Farmer John harvested some of his basil crop, and I chopped it up and put it on top of some sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzerella. Topped with a little olive oil and alot of balsamic vinegar, it’s a real treat!

He’s got some flowers out there, too. Some marigolds and these. Impatiens? Periwinkles? I can never tell them apart. They’re pretty, whatever they are.

And every so often, he talks the Diva into assisting him. There’s usually the promise of a milkshake involved. We’re real healthy around here these days. We like to balance the bounty of our crops with the occasional trip to the Dairy Queen.

Don’t tell Jillian. Please. She scares me.

Over and out,



3 thoughts on “A Farmer John Update

  1. I didn’t realize this behavior was out of the ordinary Wonder-Heather. . . . I only have 4 pepper plants, 3 tomato plants, and 2 cuke plants, but I know they feel very loved. Since they joined our family, they have been photographed, lovingly watered and nourished, papered and mulched, tucked in each night, (besides being checked on several times a day), and we’ve only had them a week. . but would that be considered “obsession” or just plain giving them their due? Just think of what they give back to us in return? (Farmer John would concur I’m sure).


  2. I tried to grow some legal herbs and failed not one, not two, but three times. I even bought to adult herbs from Trader Joe’s and failed in the replanting process. I’m pretty sure I could kill a cactus or perhaps even a fake plant.
    Your little garden looks scrumptious!

    Also, I bought The Shred. I still have to buy some weights, so I’ve been doing random workout DVDs in the meantime. I’m scared and sore already.


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