Ripped in 30 (60): 30 Day Results

Before I go into the results of the past 30 days in my little lifestyle change experiment, let’s take a look back at the journey. If you need to get up to speed.

The 30-Day Shred: Results

Ripped in 30: Day 15

Here’s the eating plan I’ve we’ve been following.

And a sample of the exercise.

We’ve completed the levels where the girls are wearing blue and yellow (2 weeks on each). Today, we move onto the pink level, as we call it in our house. There’s also a black-and-white level. If I’m still alive in 30 days after I’ve completed it, I’ll check back in with you here.

“You are now up to speed.”  Name that movie.

Stats for Ripped in 30/60 (First 30 Days)

Inches Lost:

Chest: 0″
Waist: 1″
Hips: 0″
Upper Arms (combined): 2″
Thighs (combined): 0″
Calves (combined): 1/2″

Weight Loss:

6 lbs.

Stats for Total Journey So Far

Inches Lost:

Chest: 3.5″
Waist: 6″
Hips: 5″
Upper Arms (combined): 4 1/4″
Thighs (combined): 5 1/4″
Calves (combined): 2 1/4″

Weight Loss:

38 lbs.

Clothing Size:

Down 3 pants sizes


Still not brave enough to give them to you in color, but I will be. One day. Maybe.

That’s it for now. Very utilitarian in my post today, I know. Just busy but wanted to update you and build a personal altar to this point so I can have a place of remembrance. Like Abraham. Call me Abraham. No, don’t.

Oh, nevermind.

Tomorrow, I’m going to share with you some unintended, unexpected consequences of this whole journey.  Pretty neat stuff, if you ask me.

Thirty days from now I’ll be back here with the Ripped in 30/60 update and let you in on our next steps.  We have big plans, people! (Big Daddy and the Diva are getting Ripped, too!)

Peace out,


13 thoughts on “Ripped in 30 (60): 30 Day Results

  1. I found your blog a few weeks ago by googling people with results from Ripped in 30, but as it turns out — I love your blog and have just been reading, reading, reading! :o)

    Thanks for posting your stats; it gives me encouragement! I’m still on the Blue level but loving it. I think her attitude during RI30 is nicer than Shred — less of “I want to beat the crap out of you” and more, “We’re just gonna do this and get ripped. Easy enough — push, push, push.”


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  3. wow, i can’t help but feel very inspired! have you been doing ripped alone for these 60 days? or do you add extra minutes or an hour of exercise along with it? and your sense of humor makes me smile!


  4. Thanks for your blog. I googled results for 30 day shred and you popped up. Im on day 2 of level 2 for 30 day shred. Im thinking of doing ripped in 30 or insanity when Im done. You look awesome and have come a long way. I defitnly feel the difference (inches wise) and just want to see my waistline again!


  5. I came across your blog when I googled reviews for the 30-day shred. I have to say you’re truly inspiring. I now read the same blog post almost everyday because it motivates me to want to see change in myself. I’ve never been one for the gym but I want to complete the 30-Day Shred and move on to Ripped in 30. Thank you for your honesty, for being brave and sharing. You look amazing. Congrats.


  6. OmG! U look amazing! Or shud i say u looked amazing in 2011? was it? Anyway, where have u (ur blog) been hiding gurrrl? Im on day 10 of 30ds n i strtd level 2 early. Not much improvement bt looking at u, im most certainly motivated 😀 great job!!!


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