When Hiring a Photographer, Always Check Her References

A few days ago, I was in the kitchen making this…

…so I could share it with you and send it off to The Boys before I inhaled the whole thing any of it.

I quickly realized that I was going to be physically unable to tend to the persnickety icing and take photos for you at the same time, so, in a pickle, I hired the first photographer I could find to assist me.

About hip-deep in the very time-sensitive cake-icing process, I looked up to make sure my well-paid photographer was adequately capturing the moment so I could effectively share it with you, only to find that she’d disappeared. I called for her, and she reappeared from thin air, and resumed snapping what I later found out were flying saucer pictures of the cake in various stages of undress. The cake. Not the photographer, for Pete’s sake.

Who is Pete, anyway, and why do we do things for his sake? I’ve always wondered that.

Anyway, when I loaded the pictures onto my computer, I was immediately able to determine where she’d run off to during her self-permitted break.

When hiring a photographer, always check her references.

Over and out,



2 thoughts on “When Hiring a Photographer, Always Check Her References

  1. My Mawmaw always says, “Let me be frank”. Who is Frank, and why would she want to be a man? She also tells us sometimes we just need to “play it cagey”. Is Frank cagey? I don’t know. Must be code words they used during prohibition.


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