Ripped in 30: An Update, Day 15

Fifteen days ago, I outlined not only my 30-Day Shred experiment results, but also my intention to continue my one-sided relationship with Jillian Michaels and, thus, my increasingly intimate relationship with both Ibuprofen and Icy Hot. Seriously, my coupon keeper has been emptied of all Sonic coupons and now contains a coupon for every type of pain relief known to (wo)man. Big Daddy’s most repetitive question to me is, “What hurts?” I’m sure you can guess my answer.  “Everything.” It’s all part of the experience, I guess.

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For the past fifteen days, I’ve been completing Ms. Michaels’ Ripped in 30 dvd. Like The Shred, it contains workouts composed of her 3-2-1 system, three circuits each containing 3 minutes of strength training, 2 minutes of intense cardio, 1 minute of ab work, plus a warm-up (code for extra workout snuck in there…she thought I wasn’t going to notice, and she was wrong) and cool down.

Unlike The Shred, which had three levels, Ripped has four. Levels. Four levels. Of pain. Basic calculations would tell a person that this is one new workout per week for four weeks/30 days. Prior to getting Ripped, I did the calculations and projected myself to be Ripped fifteen days from now. I mean, heck, I’d been Shredding for 30 days. I felt strong. I could take on Jillian and whatever she brought. “Bring it on, Hefuh,” I shouted at the t.v. on day one with fists raised. Then I laughed an evil laugh and thought bad thoughts about her.

However, upon immediate completion of day one/level one, I humbly made an official decision, which I texted to Big Daddy: I’m going to spend two weeks on each level, increasing my total time to two months/60 days. For me, Ripped in 30 is really going to be Ripped in 60. Then I prayed and repented of my attitude.

Turns out, Ripped in 30, Level One is about equivalent to The Shred’s Level Three. Wish I had known before I blew my self-confidence to bits on Level One, pride going before the fall, and all.

So, for the past two weeks, I’ve we’ve been completing Level One. And at a very successful pace, if I do say so myself. I say, “we’ve” because, here in mi casa, we are now, all three, exercising together daily. We started Level One huffing and puffing, hanging mostly with the you’re-an-exercise-loser modifier; however, by yesterday (end of Level One), we were dancing and moving right along with the you’re-an-exercise-beast girl.

And we all felt so proud!

Today marks the beginning of Level Two. We watched it together as a family (I know, most families watch movies together. It is what it is.), and I think we’re all equally scared.

Since we only weigh, measure, and take pics every 30 days around here, I’ve no news on that front to report. However, I did go shopping last weekend, and I’m down another size. That’s down two pants sizes total in 6 weeks, for those of you who are counting.

In fifteen more days, though, I’ll have a full report, including how we fared on Level Two (y’all start praying now) and the progress I’ve made halfway through my Ripped in 30 60 experience.

One, new dynamic we’re adding to our little experiment here is this:

photo courtesy of

I’m halfway into it, and it’s very, very interesting. In it, her weight-management manifesto, of sorts, she outlines an eating plan that’s unlike most “diets” out there. It’s sort of a Maker’s Diet goes to California. Lots of produce. Lots of lean meat. Lots of beans (they’re both good for the heart and the musical fruit, as the old song says). Lots of berries.

All organic.

Can you imagine how difficult it is to find organic food in Podunk, East Tennessee? That’s been my quest these past few days, and I’ve scored a bit. Making friends with people who have gardens. And chickens.

I also bought this, which helps a bit.

photo courtesy of

Since neither book is very new, they were both very inexpensive. That’s good for me because I didn’t have a coupon.

Back in 15,



5 thoughts on “Ripped in 30: An Update, Day 15

  1. Congratulations girl, family!! yeah great job….. I think I am going to try your diet and work out method.. I have a few pounds to lose and since I am getting older, lets just say I we will be calling it ripped in 90, but hopefully it will all be gone for good.. Txt to follow..


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