Humor Me, Lord: Get Ready, Get Set,…

Get Ready

Before the week is out, the first installment of Humor Me, Lord will be published here on the ole’ blog. Before I send it out to you, though, I wanted to give you a heads-up on some basic supplies you’ll be needing in order to study along. Don’t stress about it; it’s, no-doubt, stuff you have on-hand. The teacher/planner in me just needed to let you know ahead of time.

1. A Bible Duh. I say, “Duh” like it’s a foregone conclusion that a Bible study would require you to use a Bible. However, I can’t tell you how many devotional or bible study books I’ve read/seen/heard about that never require us, as learners, to actually open God’s word and dig in for ourselves. In fact, I can’t tell you how many church services I’ve attended where people were not required to open their Bibles. They just put the words right there on the JumboTron, and we never even check for accuracy. It’s the word of God, for Pete’s sake! If we don’t open our Bibles during devotionals or while we’re at church, how are we ever gonna know where Obadiah is? Obadiah’s important, people! It’s no wonder we’re still feeding on spiritual milk!

Rant over. Sorry.

Humor Me, Lord will require you to have, and use, your Bible while learning about the comedic genius of God. In no time at all, milk will not satisfy us. We’ll want ribeyes, and I’ve got them marinating right now.

My version preferences are the English Standard Version or the New American Standard Version. I find them to be the most accurately translated, but that’s just me. If you’ve got the Nearly Inspired Version (NIV), it’ll work, too. No worries.

Of course, techies can always use Bible Gateway, a wonderful tool for searching the scriptures and such. Me? I need to crack mine open, smell the calf-leather cover, hear the crackle as I turn the onion-skin pages, put the little ribbon on the page I’m studying, and, gasp!, mark in it. But that’s just me.

2. A three-ring notebook or three-prong folder. Each study will have a printable worksheet-type thingy (official term) for you to have in-hand as we study together. Writing down what we’ve/you’ve learned is a key part in the remembering/applying cycle.  Taking the time to study/learn/write and having no place to store your worksheet-type thingies could be disastrous. Imagine: you’d have worksheet-type thingies floating all over your house/office/local Panera Bread eventually. Then, when you wanted to go back and review your milk-to-meat or meat-to-tougher-meat transition (wait, what?), you’d be down on the floor, up on a step ladder, moving furniture, and breaking fingernails to try and gather them all up.

You know? The way I do when the accountant needs my year’s receipts to do the taxes.

I’m on a mission to save your fingernails, people! Get a binder! If you really want to get it together, get some divider thingies, too. You can divide the lessons however you like: by book of the Bible, by topic, by lesson learned, by what you were wearing on the day you completed them. It’s your study.  Do it your way.

3. A pen. Right, so the worksheet-type thingy isn’t going to fill itself out. You could fill it out in blood, but that’d be so painful, and the point here is to laugh. Probably some colored pencils to mark up your Bible, too. If marking in your Bible represents great levels of sacrilege to you, don’t worry. I’m not going to send the mark-up-your-Bible-or-else police to your house. I have a Bible I mark up, then I have my ‘church’ Bible. Just like I have my real clothes and my ‘church’ clothes. It’s a benefit of modern, American society, one in which we can have multiples of items. We’re spoiled. Rotten.

4. Clean pants. I told you, God is funny. You’ve been duly warned. If you have bladder-control issues, you might want to consider some type of protection. I’m just sayin’.

Get Set

5. A teachable spirit: God’s image is so big and His word so powerful, yet when we come to it with heart-sickness, we learn only a portion of what He wants to show us, if that much. Pray before beginning, “Lord, forgive me of my sins (enter confessions here…this part takes awhile sometimes…don’t worry, just keep swimming). Give me a teachable spirit. Reveal Yourself to me. Show me what You’d have me learn and then teach me how to apply it to my life today. And, Lord, please help me to laugh with You.”

It wouldn’t hurt for you to pray for your teacher, either. I ain’t even qualified to be writin’ no Bible study. Good thing God has a history of calling the unqualified and then qualifiying them for His use. I’m thinking Noah (he weren’t no shipbuilder, but he were a drunk), Abraham (a moon worshipper), Moses (a stuttering murderer), Hosea (married to a prostitute), Peter (a hothead), Paul (a persecutor of Christians)…should I keep going? I could do this all day.


Watch AinW for the first installment this week. It’ll be posted on the Humor Me, Lord page on Facebook, as well. ‘Like’ it now! Hint: the first set of studies is going to be about the funniest book in the Bible. Or at least I think so. Can you guess which one it is? No, it’s not Lamentations, though that one’s a winner, too.

Go forth and get prepared,



Humor Me, Lord is a Bible study series published by AinW.  It exists to help people dig deep into the word of God in order to learn about His wicked (pun intended) sense of humor. This ain’t your regular devotional. You’ll laugh. You’ll learn. You’ll rethink the way you’ve perceived God.

You won’t, no matter what the uber-religious set tells you, lose your religion.

Humor Me, Lord is a copyrighted publication of Adventures In Womanland. Reproduction or duplication of it in any format is welcomed, contingent upon proper citation use. All quotes/references must be accompanied by the URL on which they are found.

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