AinW’s Newest Feature: Humor Me, Lord

What in the world is that crazy girl going to do now?

I’ve blogged about my family, our food, pictures I’ve taken, things I love, and losing weight. I’ll continue to do so, but now, I’ve got something else in here, and I’m about to let it out.



Awhile back, my family and I were having Family Worship when it hit me: God is funny. Oh, I’ve known it all along; I guess I just never really realized how funny He is. At the time, we were studying the creation story, which is chock-full of comedy.

No, really. Read it for yourself and see.

And let me answer the question that my most conservative readers are asking right now while wearing a look of horror on their faces: no, I’ve not fallen into a Lorne-Michaels-run cult. There’s not even any red Kool-Aid in my house.

Here’s the thing: we’re all made in God’s image (Gen. 1:27), right? That means that Mr. Michaels is.

photo courtesy of

And so am I.

By that logic, then the Saturday-Night-Live perspective both Mr. Michaels and I have on life is a part of the image of God. Therefore, God sees the ‘funny’ like I do. No, wait. I see the ‘funny’ like God does. Yeah, that’s it.

Mr. Michaels has used his gift of finding the funny to produce a long-running television program which contains hilarity like this:

Settle down. It’s not a political statement. It’s just funny.

Thus far, I’ve chosen to use mine to entertain you with stories like Giving Back: A Tale of Community Service.  Priceless.

However, starting this week, I’m going to use it in a different way.

The Plan

Combining my God-given talent for seeing life through the SNL lens and study of His comedic screenplay (the Bible), I’ve created a Bible study series entitled, Humor Me, Lord.  What it’s not: a mamby-pamby, get a laugh, feel good about life, Chicken Soup for the Soul devotional book of funny stories with a little Bible verse at the top.  Those are great when you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up but are not to be confused with time spent in God’s word.

What it is: a no-lie, in-depth, moving-from-milk-to-meat look at the humor of God through a deep study of His word, the only black-and-white message we have from Him these days. You’ll laugh. You’ll learn. You’ll see God in a way that, maybe, you’ve never seen Him before, a way no Sunday-morning-in-your-best-dress church service has shown you, perhaps.

God is funny. I want to show you how funny. When you learn, you’ll see just a portion of the joy He’s promised us in this life. Sure beats focusing on life’s fallen parts. Sorry, I got my bible study confused with my weight loss efforts there for a minute.


Humor Me, Lord is a copyrighted publication of Adventures In Womanland. Reproduction or duplication of it in any format is welcomed, contingent upon proper citation being used. All quotes/references must be accompanied by the URL on which they are found.

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6 thoughts on “AinW’s Newest Feature: Humor Me, Lord

  1. I can’t wait to read it. Hmm… I vaguely remember a gal who didn’t like to write… then she started bloggin… Nothing can’t stop her now–and I’m loving it!

    Go, Heather! Delight us with the creativity God has given you.

    Your friend and fan,

    Maria 🙂


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