Something I Love. It’s Colossal.

No, really. It’s Colossal.

About every 15th harvest or so, I buy new mascara. I don’t know why I don’t do it more often. It’s not that expensive, really. Somewhere, in the deepest, darkest recesses of my childhood, I guess I picked up a use-it-until-it’s-gone mentality. This applies not only to my make-up, but also to a myriad of other things in my life. If I buy something that doesn’t quite make the cut, I’ll use it up rather than throwing part of it away, which is wasteful in my frugal brain.

Case in point: Equate cotton rounds. I’m working  my way through a package right now. I have little bits of cotton all over my face. And in my hair. And on my clothes.  Take my word for it: spend the extra dollar to get name-brand cotton rounds.

Anywho, this harvest was the 15th one in my mascara cycle, so I hunted around for a new tube.  I wanted my lashes to look like Kim Kardashian’s without having to go through the torture of applying falsies or the expense of having some woven into my natural lashes.

Yes, you can buy a weave for your lashes. No, I haven’t done it. Yet.

For about seven bucks, I now have lashes that appear to be longer, thicker, and fuller than they really are, thanks to Colossal. That is, I have them right up until I wash my make-up off, at which point, I couldn’t care less, because then I’m home for the evening with a plan to sit on the couch in my pj’s and watch Manhunters.

We really know how to get down out here in the boonies.

Seriously, buy the Colossal. It’s good stuff.

Over and out,


Note: Maybelline has no clue that I am endorsing their product. However, if anyone has a Maybelline connection and would like to inform them that I am selling their mascara for them for free and guilt them into providing me with a small stipend, I’m happy to relieve them of their burden of guilt. Guilt relief is just another free service I offer here.

2 thoughts on “Something I Love. It’s Colossal.

  1. I use my makeup till it’s gone too, even if it takes 3 years. I fear one day my face will swell into a beefstake tomato because of eyeshadow bacteria. Thanks for the mascara recommendation. I should probably replace mine!


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