A Few Things for Wednesday

1. I haven’t been faithful to my Wednesday Weigh-Ins. I realize this. I have been faithful to this, however.

It seemed more important at the time.

2. Because I haven’t been faithful to the weighing in, I now have a problem: a 1.4 lb. weight gain.

3. Due to my unfaithfulness, I have voluntarily subjected myself to this for the next 30 days.

4. If, at some point in the next 30 days, I simply drop off the radar, it may be because (a) I have keeled over, or (b) because I am in the county jail for shooting my own television. It happens.

5. I’ve been using a marshmallow gun.

6. But I’m considering upgrading to a Super Soaker. Water + Electronics = The Ultimate Shred.

7. I am in love with this show.

8. Having thoroughly investigated the qualifications for becoming a U.S. Marshal, here’s what I know: one must have some type of background in law enforcement.

9.Classroom instruction counts.

10. For years, I’ve been saying that this should be the case.  Obviously, the U.S. Marshal powers-that-be fully understand the validity of my teaching background in terms of law enforcement.

11.  By the time I get done with The Shred, I’ll be fully qualified to become a U.S. Marshal.  It sounds like the next logical progression in my career. I can be Doctor Marshal.

12. Or I can just stay at home with this kid and watch Manhunters and pretend. Use of the imagination is way underrated.

Copy that. Over,



2 thoughts on “A Few Things for Wednesday

  1. Aw, my baby’s feet made the blog again. I thi k being a Marshal would be fun but i would rather stay home with the Diva, the Bubbie and Pei!


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