I’ve Been Reading Again: Casting Off


One of the benefits of 60+ hours per week of cheer practice, cheer pictures, cheering at games, cheering at tournaments, and cheer clinics is that the cheer mom (that’s me) has lots of time to catch up on her reading.

This book was given to me by my mother, an avid knitter.

I mean, seriously. The woman knits while we are in line to ride the Sea Screamer for the love of all that’s holy! She’s avid.

When she gave it to me to read, I thought, “Oh, great. Another one of her knitting books.  It’ll be full of knitting words, and knitting stories, and knitting lovers, and knitting yarn, and knitting”…you get the point. “And I don’t even knit!”

Then, I sighed and considered my options, which consisted of (a) watching my daughter get thrown up into the air by her teammates yet again, or (b) giving the book a try.

I went with (b). And I’m so glad I did. Prior to writing about it, I’ve actually read the book twice, and I highly recommend it.

The story is about a woman who travels from her home in California to a small island off the coast of Ireland for two, overt purposes: to gather information for a book she wants to write about the ganseys (sweaters) knitted there, and to be with her college roommate, who is Irish and about to give birth.  In tow is her six-year old daughter, her video camera, and her other baggage. Her ‘other baggage’ consists of her past…a past which haunts her by day and tortures her by night. During the course of the story, she faces  down her biggest demons with the help of Fionn, an island native and a redheaded, fiddle-playing man.

The book is decidedly Irish in flavor, a perfect, easy read for a cold night, a warm fire, and the upcoming holiday, one of my very favorites.

Go forth and read!

The luck o’ the Irish to ya,




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