I Did It. And I’m Sorry.

I’ve gone and done something. You had your chance to stop me. I asked for your opinion.  Even still, I will apologize in advance for subjecting you to this post.

I read the sequel.

I wasn’t planning to. It caught me completely off-guard. I was trolling along in life, working on my Bh.D. a little at a time, when the book tour show snuck up on me.  It was all downhill from there. Once I saw all those people lined up to get their book signed, I had to know what was in that book!

Here’s the skinny: the book covers the arrested-for-capturing-Andrew-Luster (the lowest of the low jerk) days, as well as the use-of-an-inappropriate-word-caught-on-tape timeframe. It truly is a sequel to the first book, which covers his life from, well, birth, until the time his show got rolling.

While you may still be judging me and are most likely judging Beth, I continue to be amazed by how savvy she is in business terms. After having read two of these books, here’s what I know: he wouldn’t be half of what he is without her. In fact, he’d probably be in a Mexican jail right now.

Proof that an effective, though vocabularily challenged, helpmate can change the course of a man’s life.  It’s what we do.

Bottom line: my theology differs greatly from theirs. However, few people go toward, spend time with, or ever touch the untouchables. It’s what they specialize in. I can’t recall a day this year that I’ve spent any amount of time with the untouchables.

Who, then, is doing it unto the “least of these” (Matthew 25:40)? Them or me?

Read the book and be duly chastised.




5 thoughts on “I Did It. And I’m Sorry.

  1. This is a great post. It is very challenging to me as well.

    Personally I watched the show where they traveled to book signings and was completely blown away by the changes in the lives of the people that were buying the book.



  2. Ok. You got me with “the least of these” part. It just shows God can doesn’t need qualified. He needs available.

    I felt weird reading the Dolly Parton autobiography. I am a huge fan of her. We all have our weird attractions, I guess.


  3. I have been a semi-reluctant fan, but the books really convinced me. Rough around the edges or not (and that roughness has very much smoothed out from season 1 to the current season), these two and their family are changing lives and “fixing” people in ways that maybe no one else could. Even those of us who will never meet them and never commit crimes can learn from them. I personally have learned, from the show and books, how much better it is to live with dignity & self-respect as a leader of my family, and to take pride in my work and do it well, no matter how lowly. As a middle aged woman who lost her mother early in life, I wish I’d had a mom like Beth.


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