The Perfect Cuban

One of my favorite things on this earth is a Cuban, but I’m very picky about my Cubans.  The perfect Cuban has nothing to do with cigars.

And, although we love Lucy, own DVD copies of the show, and watch them regularly, this is not the perfect Cuban, either.

The ultimate, perfect Cuban looks something a little more like this.

Crusty bread, roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, creamy mustard, and pickle all pressed together into hot, melty, Latin goodness.

Prior to a recent quest for the perfect Cuban, my favorite one of these gems was actually at a little restaurant I like to call the Cheesecake Factory.  Here’s a peek.

Not bad, right?  I’ve also tried the Cuban at Bahama Breeze.  Not bad, either, for what a person can find in a decidedly non-Cuban environment.

However, knowing there was something better out there for me and dedicating myself to culinary excellence, I embarked on a multi-day journey in search of the perfect Cuban.

First, I tried this one.

Not bad. And the plantain chips were good, too. After I sprinkled some sugar on them. The bread, however, on this one left a little something to be desired, and the mustard was not creamy. Just French’s. Nothing wrong with French’s; it’s just not for a Cuban. The perfect Cuban.

Next, I gave this one a shot.

The mustard was creamier, but the bread was still lacking. And there’s not enough meat. I’m a carnivore. I need my meat!

Hoping that the third time was the charm, I gave this beauty a shot.

Perfect bread.  Perfect mustard. Perfectly roasted pork. Perfect ham. Perfectly melty cheese. Perfect pickles. Perfection. Made by a Cuban. Person, not sandwich. Or cigar. Or Desi Arnaz.

Where I found it might amaze you.  The perfect Cuban sandwich may or may not be served at the same place where one can rinse out his or her, um, unmentionables.

Ain’t no shame in my game.




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