Mammoo: A Birthday Tribute, Part Deux

Last year, when I started blogging, I posted about Mammoo’s birthday, and I’ll be dadgummed if the punk didn’t go and have another one this past weekend.  Kids! What are you gonna do, right?

Anyway, we celebrated it by eating. Because that’s what we do. We’re Southern. And Baptist. Southern Baptists. Life is best lived through a series of covered dishes, we say. Loudly.

We had chicken fried steak.

And these.

Resist the urge to wonder if the presence of butter, cream cheese, and half-and-half in this shot helps explain the recent absence of my Wednesday Weigh-In installments.

For dessert, Mammoo wanted a cookie cake, and we had that. However, in typical Southern Baptist format, we had backup desserts prepared, as well.

Just in case someone didn’t like cookie cake.

Wait, what? Who doesn’t like cookie cake? Is it possible that the backup desserts had nothing to do with people pleasing, but rather exist as an outgrowth of some internal need for multiple desserts at all times?

No wonder I have to do the Wednesday Weigh-In.

We decorated for the occasion, too. I use the word “we” loosely, as The Bubbe is the one who actually did the decorating. He chose the theme, begged some money from a poor, defenseless adult who was walking through the house at the time, stole a car, bought the decorations, and came back and set them up all by himself.

He did not bring back my change.

I’m thinking of pressing charges.

Maybe, because he’s such a savvy decorator, I’ll let him off the hook this one time, in hopes that, when I get back in my car, he’ll have moved the seat back into its correct position, and I won’t bang my knee on the dashboard.

If I bang my knee, though, he’s going down!

He also got Mammoo a birthday pin to wear. It clearly identifies her as the person whose special day we are celebrating.

When you have as many celebratees as we typically do, it’s important that these things be delineated. However, after a time, the pin, which was actually a sticker, ended up in the oddest of places.

Here are some things I’d like to point out about this picture:

1. Mammoo’s so weird. Thank the Lord that I don’t share her genetic cesspool.

2. My grandfather, seen in the left, background, chooses not to look up from shoveling food into his mouth for the singing, candle-lighting festivities. When you’re 86, you can do what you want. Expectations be hanged!

3. The cookie cake is undecorated. I’ve never seen a naked cookie cake before, but, apparently, one can be purchased. Over.

Mammaw came too. She was in charge of Pei.  She took her job seriously. No, seriously, I was scared to try and take her from him. Pappaw only got to hold him as a result of an intervention.

This picture is proof positive that adult punks procreate baby punks.

And more baby punks. The hits just keep on coming.

Happy birthday, Mammoo!


3 thoughts on “Mammoo: A Birthday Tribute, Part Deux

  1. Looks like a fabulous party!! Bubbe did a wonderful job with the theme! We too had cookie cake this weekend although ours came with globs of ooey gooey sweet icing. Happy Birthday Mammoo! Love you!


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