The Diva Blogs!

The Diva has decided to try her hand at this blogging thing. Should I be proud or intimidated?

Hi guys! It’s the Diva here!:)

Let  me explain:  I wanted to blog, just once. If y’all like it, I will do another one.

Who wants to know some fun facts about me?


1.       I love my mom. Duh.

2.       I love the color pink.

3.       I love chocolate meringue pie. I call it chocolate shampoo pie because the meringue looks like sudsy shampoo.

4.       I absolutely hate math. My mom makes me do it anyway.

5.       I love babies and baby animals!!!:)

6.       Cheer rocks!  As for  the people who don’t think cheer is a sport, it’s harder than basketball. Trust me!

7.        I love to draw.

8.       My family’s crazy, but I love ‘em.

9.       The Bubbe drives  me crazy sometimes.

10.   I’m a make-up fanatic!! Ask mommy.

That’s all for now.

The cutest wittle girl in the world (and don’t call me wittle!!!),

Sugar Bear
Baby Girl
Boo Boo
Precious One
The Diva


4 thoughts on “The Diva Blogs!

  1. Awesome Blog for the first one.. Keep em coming.. oh and since you are taking cooking lessons. Lets see some simple recipe kids can make for their parents.. K..


  2. You, my dear, are a writing teacher’s dream–discovering early in life that writing for an audience can be fun :). I’d love read about your latest recipes… exercise tips from your cheer expertise… pictures of your drawings and hearing about what inspired them… make up tips… and even some of those “crazy family” stories :). In short, I want to hear more :).

    Hugs from San Diego to a lovely young woman.


  3. Love it! I am not brave enough to blog yet. There’s still time. I’m only in my 40’s. Writing is so important. My neice and I write letters to each other. We love keeping getting mail from each other even though we only live 4 miles apart. Weird, huh?


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