Wednesday Weigh-In Week Three

It’s time for the Wednesday Weigh-In. Yes, I know it’s Friday, but I’ve been a little busy.

Do NOT judge me!

Weight (Loss)/Gain This Week: (3.2 lbs.)

Total Weight Loss to Date: 9 lbs.

Days Exercised (out of 7…the goal is 6): 7

Did you hear me? I said SEVEN, people!

Wait…does running through the airport at full speed for an extended period of time, carrying multiple bags count?

Food Pick of the Week: Banana Twinkies (150 calories per)

Joys/Successes: A 3.2 lb. loss. Duh.

Challenges: Being out of town.

Here’s the thing: I may or may not be a creature of habit. When this creature is not in her natural habitat, she’s challenged by appropriate food consumption and exercise. The little trip I had to take this week, though, was an unqualified success, not only in terms of the weight loss, but also in terms of food control and exercise.

I’ll say it: I’m proud of myself.

I’ve also been apprised of this, here website:

See there. It’s food journaling on crack. Not only can you input your food and exercise, but it tells you how many calories you should be eating and a projection for meeting your goal weight.

My projected end date is sometime after Jesus returns, but I’m pressing on. I want to be skinny(er) when He gets here.

They have an app for those of you with those fancy iPhones, too.  You can track your stuff on the go.

Also, one could, if she weren’t socially phobic, make “friends” with which to lose weight.

I haven’t progressed to the “friend” department yet, but one could. In theory.

Go forth and LoseIt!


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