Wednesday Weigh-In Week Won (One)

If you have no idea what this post is about, check the previous, related one out.

Here’s the update on week one, sort of.  I say, “sort of” because I had laid some weight-loss groundwork a week earlier but really gave myself over to it this week

Weight (Loss)/Gain This Week: (6.4 lb. loss)

Days Exercised (out of 7…the goal is 6): 6

Food Pick of the Week: homemade, low-calorie, chocolate fudge

Joys/Successes: buying new clothes

Challenges: women whose thighs are so thin they don’t touch each other…ticks me right off.  (If, when you’re walking, people can see sunlight shining through there, you need to eat a cheeseburger. It ain’t right.)

I’m just sayin’.

First things first: the food. While it’s true that I’ve been eating less, as I stated in my earlier post, the truth is that I’ve been doing a modified version of Weight Watchers points.  Here’s the thing: I’ve been to WW a million times. It’s a fantastic program for someone who’s logical-mathematical like me because it quantifies the food. The more quantifying there is in my life, the better.

One of the reasons this program works for me is because I can modify it to meet my lifestyle. For example, if I want to go to Wendy’s, I can look up their nutrition information online, see that a Double Stack hamburger has 360 calories, which is about 7 points and costs 99 cents.  When I have a greasy, fast food craving, using 7 points this way is totally worth it, and it’s in my budget.

Is it the healthiest option? No. Should I eat a banana instead? Yes.

Baby steps, people!

I’ll admit to having felt hungry most of the week, but I think it was more in my mind than actual, physical hunger. By day four, though, the hunger pangs were practically non-existent.

The workout:  I’m still working out with Bob and Jillian at the beginner level; however, this coming week I’m moving up to the intermediate level. When I began the dvd’s, I could only do about 60% of the workout, but now I can hang with that heifer all the way. (Love you, Jil…lian!)

I’m nervous about moving up, though.  My knees are reminding me that I’m not 18 anymore.

On another note, I’m considering The Shred next.  I’ve heard it’s a killer. Opinions, anyone?

One of my joys this week was shopping for new clothes. “Wow, that was fast!” you say. No, not skinny jeans. I shopped for workout clothes. Hey, shopping, with the exception of grocery, is shopping, right?  Besides, when I dress the part, I feel more official and, while I’m not about living in my emotional core very much, there is a feeling part to weight loss.

Overall: success!

On to Week Two…



One thought on “Wednesday Weigh-In Week Won (One)

  1. Congratulations girl on the successful week one.. You go girl… Keep up the good way.. Really doesn’t matter how you loose the weight, your goal is to loose it and you are doing just that.. I also understand the clothing… 🙂


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