Brownie Minis: Buy a Hundred Boxes!

Here’s something I’m lovin’ these days:

Chocolate two days in a row?

Addicted much?

I’ll admit that I probably should have stuck with my Diet Dr. Pepper addiction. It has no calories.  However, I understand that chocolate has health benefits that Diet Dr. Pepper just doesn’t have.

I “understand” that because I like it better.

End of discussion.

The other day, I was waiting for a four-hour cheer practice to end browsing my local Wal-Mart when I spotted this:

“Hmmm…” said I. Interesting.

I reached in, pulled one box off the shelf, and turned it to the side. This is what I saw:

You  mean I can have two of those suckers for just 150 calories?  That’s only 3 WW Points! That’s in my Points budget! SOLD!

And I threw a box in the buggy.  Just one because you never know about these things.

When I got it home, there was even more good news, besides the fact that the 150-calorie bit was right on the front of the box…not my most observant moment.

Everything you need, save a little water and Pam, is inside the box!  Just mix the, um, mix up with a few tablespoons of water, drop some into the INCLUDED pans, and bake.

That’s it!

And taste?

Warm, fudgy, chocolately, brownie goodness.

Going back to buy a thousand boxes,


P.S. Pillsbury was kind enough to post a “modification” on the back of the box whereby you press a small Reese’s peanut butter cup into the warm brownie bites as they come out of the oven.  Then, when they’re cooled you frost them with chocolate icing.  I’d like to thank the Dough Boy for attempting to sabotage my journey.

In closing, I’d like to say this, “It won’t work, Fatso!”

That is all.

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