Cake Balls

When the weather looks like this…

…there’s only one thing for a mom to do.

Besides laundry, hot cocoa making, floor mopping, fire tending, bed making, and breakfast/lunch/dinner making, of course. Of course.

Once all that stuff was done, this mom was ready to bake! I mentioned my industrial baking sheet addiction yesterday but may or may not have forgotten to include my new baking fettish, as well.

It’s bad. Really bad. Especially since I made that resolution.

You know the one.

Baking + that resolution = recipe for disaster.

Nevertheless, yesterday, when the snow was blowing and the wind was howling, I sent Big Daddy and the Diva out to play so I could, um, “do some laundry” or “make the bed” or “mop the floor”.  All I really wanted to do was turn on the T.V to what I wanted to watch and bake.

“History Channel be danged! Disney Channel be gone! I’m going to bake, and you’re not invited!” I shouted. Then, realizing that I had personified television stations and was having a one-sided conversation with them, I looked around to see who else had noticed and, finding no one, commenced to baking.

Awhile back, I found these little beauties:

Photo courtesy of

Balls of cake-y goodness enrobed in chocolate. How could you go wrong? Bakerella’s version: red velvet cake with chocolate coating. I made these. They’re good. Really good. However, I immediately wondered, How can I make these more chocolate-y? (My family needs chocolate, dadgummit!) What if I coated them in the white coating I see at the grocery store?

So you know what had to happen.

Answer to wondered question number one above? Check.

And answer to wondered question number two above. Check, check.

I apologize in advance for teaching you how to make these.  Your life will never be the same. You’re ruined forevermore.

The worst part? You probably have most of what you need in your pantry right now.

First, and most importantly, I needed to answer the question, “How can I possibly pump more chocolate into my family’s veins?”

It’s rhetorical, of course.

I baked a 9×13″ chocolate cake from a mix and gathered up a regular-sized can of chocolate frosting (what was on sale…y’all know me) and a package of chocolate almond bark. They sell it where they sell the chocolate chips at my Wal-Mart. If my Wal-Mart has it, I know yours does.

Then, I needed to answer my question about the white coating, so I baked a white, 9×13″ cake and gathered up a can of white frosting and white almond bark.

Next step: crumble up one cake into a large bowl. Take off your rings; it’s gonna get messy!

Keep crumbling until the entire cake is reduced to crumbs. Then, dump one can of frosting in the bowl.

And mix it by hand. I don’t mean with a spoon. I don’t mean in a mixer. I mean by hand. Put your hands in the bowl and mix until it’s all incorporated. It eventually will be.

Now, wash your hands. They’ll get messy again, but washing them will keep the stuff from sticking to them further.

Next, using a teaspoon, gather up about this much mix and roll into a ball.

Go again, placing them on a baking sheet until they’re all done. I usually get about 50 or so from one cake mix/can of icing combo.

If, about halfway through rolling these, your hands start to get sticky, wash them and get right back into the game.  Place these into the fridge for a few hours until they are thoroughly chilled. You can freeze them or, if  your weather is like mine, just set them outside.

Oh, and the chocolate ones? I did those, too.

Now for the best part: break up one package of the bark into a bowl and microwave until melted.

Now, drop the balls in a few at a time, use a spoon to coat, and put on waxed paper.

After I had done a few, I went wild. I coated chocolate cake in white coating and vice versa.  When I coated chocolate cake in white coating, I striped the white coating with chocolate on top so that potential eaters knew there was chocolate cake inside. Vice versa, too.


On the left, white cake coated in chocolate coating. On the right, chocolate cake coated in chocolate coating.

On the left, white cake with white coating and on the right, chocolate cake with white coating (our personal favorite!).

And inside?

Somebody had to bite into this one to show you what it looks like on the inside.  It wasn’t me, of course. I made that resolution.


Peace out,


Update 1-11-10: I’m thinking strawberry cake and strawberry icing with chocolate coating for Valentine’s Day. You know, chocolate-covered strawberries and all…that’s just me, though.

Go visit Bakerella.

9 thoughts on “Cake Balls

  1. I must admit those were delicious. And Everyone thought so.. Being only one of 4 females in this trailer with Big Daddy, us girls had to wrestle the cake balls from the guys or we would not have gotten any.. and thankfully Big Daddy saved some for the following day as well.. Thank you AinW if you ever want to bake again all the guys in Tr 58 said they would swing by and pick the extra’s up…lol.


  2. Ok, those look too good to be true. I’m thinking Red Velvet with the cream cheese frosting, dipped in White Chocolate!! So much for trying to eat healthy, guess I just need to try and exercise to stay ahead of it! Thanks Heather. I have gotten some of my families favorite recipes from you. Keep them coming.


    • Hi, Nicole! I made red velvet with cream cheese icing and chocolate coating initially. They were really good but not chocolate-y enough for my crew. Hope you enjoy them! I’m thinking strawberry cake/icing with chocolate coating for Valentine’s…chocolate covered strawberries and all. Got more recipes coming.


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