A Few Things…

Here’s a numbered list of a few, important things I thought you’d want to know today. It’s numbered because I’m logical-mathematical. Numbering makes me feel better.

And it’s my blog.

1. I ate this.

I highly recommend it.

2. I drank water out of this cup.

The sheer length of the straw made me very nervous. I kept my glasses on the whole time.

3. I’m addicted to these.

Industrial-strength baking sheets. Please send help.

4. I saw this sign very near my house.

When I pass on to the big Cake-Ball Buffet in the Sky, please find alternative ways to memorialize me. That is all.

5. This is the weather outside my house today.

Having spent the last four winters in California, I can effectively say we are not prepared for this. We don’t have nearly enough hot cocoa to get us through.

6. I saw this sign at the very fancy gas station where Big Daddy sometimes takes us out to lunch.

As we’ve discussed before, under-par grammar disgusts me. It is what it is.

10-4. Over and out,



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