Gram’s Activity Sets

This is my mom.

We call her Gram.

She’s bundled up even though it was, like, 85 degrees at Zoo Lights.

She’s cold-natured, except when she’s having one of her, um, power surges. Then, she has her own personal summer, no matter the season.

This is my nephew, my sister’s punk.

We call him The Bubbe.

Do NOT get sucked in my the cuteness! Step away from the cuteness!

Gram collects nativity sets. Has been for years. However, The Bubbe, not realizing the sacrilege of referring to tiny replicas of the Holy Birth as anything but the NA-tivity, calls them AC-tivity sets.

We’ve yet to correct him. Don’t really know why.

Anyway, while I’m here with the fam, I thought I’d take you on a photographic tour of the activity sets.  Pics are courtesy of the Diva. Bored child + activity sets + camera = peace and quiet in the house for a minute.

Everyone needs purpose.

Gram’s got some traditional sets, like that one (the Diva’s still learning about pictures and mirrors), and this one:

This one, too, although the Diva cut the angel’s head off.

She made up for it by, later, giving the angel a solo:

Maybe Gloria won’t be too mad when she sees the Diva in heaven. I named the angel Gloria. Don’t ask me why. It’s what I do. I was gonna name her Myrtle, but I didn’t want her to be mad at me when she sees me in heaven.

Gram’s got sets from other countries, like that one from Mexico, and the one below from Peru.

I bought her both of those. I’m her favorite.

She’s got little, bitty sets,

and teeninsey sets.

She’s got black bear sets,

and Native American sets.

There’s a Raggedy Ann set,

and even a sweet little tiny baby s’more Jesus!

She’s got classy sets,

and then there’s this. Two words: hot mess.  He’s part of a Fisher-Price activity set. The kids play with this one.

They play with this one, too:

Mr. Lunt as a wise man slays me. He doesn’t even have any eyes!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your tour of Gram’s Activity Sets. That’ll be $8,398, please (gratuities not included). If you want the complete, private tour, that’ll cost you considerably more.

Or, you could just come over to my mom’s house and check them out. We’ve got coooooookkkkiiiieeeeessss!

Tidings of comfort and joy,


8 thoughts on “Gram’s Activity Sets

  1. Wow, I had no idea she collected Nativity sets. I love them. Jay and I just realized that we don’t have even one. I am not to sure why though. That will be my big after Christmas purchase.

    Tidings of comfort and joy to you!


  2. Oh, I love Nativity sets also!! I don’t have as many as her or the variety, but please tell your Mom how much I enjoyed seeing hers! The Diva did a great job! Ya’ll have a Merry Christmas!!


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