Elfis: The Book, People!

Awhile back, I told you about Elfis, the Elvis-like Elf that visits our home every night between December 1 and December 23. He revvs us up for the big event on Christmas Eve.

Y’all are never gonna believe what I’ve found now!

The Diva and I went to our local library last week and there, sitting right on top of a Christmas book display, was this:

Unbelievable! For once, I was sure I’d had an original idea (naming our little buddy after the King), only to find out, once again, that somebody had already thought of it.

Blue Christmas, indeed.

The book contains the age-old tale of how an awkward elf, once the dunce of the North Pole, saves Christmas.

Much like this guy:

“Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”

“Is there sugar in syrup? Then, yes!’

The kicker is that, in the book, he has to turn into Elvis in order to do it. Don’t worry. He’s young Elvis, not the old, puffy one.

Basically, the dork, after being kicked out of the toy factory and, consequently, turned into Elvis by a giant snowman, returns to the factory in order to sing the very-behind elves into a toy-making fever that helps them meet their quota.

In short, the sequins make the difference between no Christmas and Christmas.

They usually do. At least that’s been my experience.

Since I’m in Memphis for the holiday, I think I’ll go on over to the King’s house and see what’s up.  Besides, there’s a Krispy Kreme down the street from there, and I do have priorities.

Counting down till the fat man comes,



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