Scenes From a Tennessee Christmas

I haven’t been with you in awhile. I had no idea the impact of my absence until I got not one, but TWO text messages yesterday regarding the, um, absence of someone’s daily dose of lunchtime laughter.

Holla, TVA peeps! My public! My homegirls! Got nuthin’ but love fer ya!

Oh, and, uh, Hi, Mom! Love you too!

I can explain the absence, though: for the last little bit, I’ve been baking. Then I baked some more. And then, when I saw that I had a tiny bit of room left in my freezer, I baked some more. In addition, I’ve been wrapping up two doctoral classes (whose idea was that?), homeschooling one Diva, taking care of one Big Daddy, and attempting to maintain my holiday sanity.

Anywho, I have something very important to tell you…tomorrow.  Right now, it’s just the one thing, but by tomorrow it could be a million. Who ever knows what will happen over here between now and then.

Meantime, I want to share with you some pics from our Tennessee Christmas, the first we’ve had in 5 years.  There are two things you should know prior to viewing these pics:

1. It hasn’t been above freezing here for over a week. I don’t know why you need to know that, except for the fact that I’m accustomed to going to the beach at Christmas and am working through the physiological ramifications (if you’re missing your funny gland, this is humor…welcome!) of this transition.

2. The pics were taken by our budding photographer. I was what? Riiiiggghhhhtttt…baking.

Wonder where she gets that attitude.  Must be at school.

Love my Wal-Mart chic wreath! Do NOT judge me! That’s all we got here in ePodunk.  In fact, I’m keeping the wreath up for January and February, too, ‘cuz it don’t say ‘Christmas’; it says ‘cold’.

Homegirl is kickin’ butt and takin’ names right there on my tree! What?

Elfie/Elfis/Chucky has been visiting nightly. So far, he’s brought all kinds of goodies, but we’re waiting for the fat man, and we’re ready!

We’ve got the goods, too.  We’ve got sugar cookies, but I guess if he doesn’t like those, he can have the Fritos, though he’ll have to fight me over those.

We have gingerbread young men and gingerbread young women. The Diva says they’ve matured past being boys and girls. I say they taste the same when I bite their heads off. That’s just me.

We’ve got monster cookies. Lots of monster cookies!

We’ve also got snickerdoodles and milk chocolate fudge, but the Diva chose not to photograph those. I think it’s because they are her favorites, and she didn’t want to chance you knowing they were here and sneaking over to get some, but I’m just shooting in the dark here.

There’re treats for the cheer team. Duh.

And pink, sugar sprinkles. Double duh.

There’s a fire in the fireplace, made by Big Daddy. Every time he makes one, he stands back, beats on his chest and says to the fire gods in the sky, “I am man! I make fire!” Then, I pat him on the back and remind him that he just turned the knob down there at the bottom and give him a cookie.

We’ve got snowman hot chocolate mugs,

and snow!

Oh, and of course we’ve got sweet little tiny baby Jesus.

We’ve got presents, too, but none of them is for me.

Believe me, I’ve checked.

Several  times.

I’m becoming concerned.

Lovin’ the holidays!



4 thoughts on “Scenes From a Tennessee Christmas

  1. I must agree with Diva about the Snickerdoodles, Being a co-worker of Big Daddy’s, I have to thank him for sharing your blog with me. I need the boost being so far away from home.. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I look forward to reading more Blogs..


  2. I saw some candy “coal” in Family Dollar (another place you can get a really cool wreath). . I hope that’s not what Big Daddy has planned for your present (or lack of). . Actually Santa isn’t supposed to bring your presents until Christmas Eve . . . right?. . . so maybe they’ve just not arrived yet. . ?


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