Twenty Questions

Yesterday, the Diva and I traveled back from Memphis, where we had gone to attend the wedding of a beautiful, gracious, intelligent, lovely, and hilarious friend. Holla, Susan!

As we headed back East, toward our snowy Mecca, the Diva suggested a game.  We had played that game for awhile (until we got to the Taco Bell in Jackson), when the Diva suggested we play Twenty Questions.  You know, the game where one player thinks of something, and the other/s ask no more than 20 yes/no questions in an attempt to determine what the thinker is thinking of.

Here’s a recap. Brace yourself.

Diva: Let’s play Twenty Questions. You go first.

Me: I don’t want to go first. You go.

Diva: No, you.

Me: Let’s rock-paper-scissors for it.

We rocked-papered-scissorsed for it, and she lost.

Me: Ready?

Diva: How do you play Twenty Questions, again?

The truth comes out.

I explained the game to her, and she thought of an object.

Me: Is it alive?

Diva: Yes.

Me: Is is an animal?

Diva: Yes.

Me: Does it have four legs?

Diva: Yes.

Me: Does it have fur?

Diva (thinking): I don’t really know.

Me (laughing): What? How can you not know if an animal has fur?

Diva (laughing): Well, it might.

Me: Okay, does it eat meat?

Diva: Some do, but this one doesn’t.

Me: Does it live in a house?

Diva: Yes.

Me: Is it a dog?

Diva: No.

Me: Is is a cat?

Diva: Yes, but it’s a particular cat.

Me (laughing): What? Cats have fur! Oy.

Diva (laughing): Well, I didn’t know if you call it hair or fur!

Me: You know that white vest I wear that you pet all the time?

Diva: Yes.

Me: That’s fur!  It feels the same as a cat.

(It’s faux, PETA. Calm down.)

Me: And what do you mean it doesn’t eat meat? All cats eat meat?

Diva: Not Sassy (my mother’s cat)! She eats cat food.

Me: Ugh.

***************New Game******************

Me: I’m thinking of an object.

Diva: Is it alive?

Me: No.

Diva: Do you find it in the wild?

Me: Yes, sort of.

Diva: Is it a music box?

Me: Yes, because every time I go out into the wild, I see random music boxes laying around with the little spinning ballerinas in them.

Diva (laughing): MOM!

Me: You asked for it.

Raising a comedienne,



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