Elfis: The King of the Christmas Elves

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At our house, we have many nighttime visitors (fairies, elves, etc.). I may have mentioned this before. Every night, between December 1 and December 23 each year, the Christmas Elf comes for a visit. It’s a way of priming the pump for the Fat Man’s visit on Christmas Eve, you know?

No, I didn’t think of this myself. I’m not that creative.

About 4 or 5 years ago, a friend of mine, whose children are grown, told me how she did this with her own daughters. Both daughters are married now, but they insist that the Christmas Elf still come visit them, so my friend coordinates this effort with their respective husbands.

Don’t judge them. I’d love it if that little sucker would come visit me every night because he comes bearing gifts.

Each night he visits, Elfis flies to the North Pole and retrieves a trinket for whatever children are staying in our revolving-door home that night.

This much I know: he shops at the dollar spot at Target alot.

I’m just sayin’.

While we’re still sleeping, Elfis returns, gift in-hand, and lands in a different spot in our house from the previous night. Each morning, when the child/ren wake up, they search high and low for the little bugger ‘cuz they need their gift, dang it! It’s a fun, little game they play (quietly) which allows me to sleep a little longer.

When we started this tradition, the elf was known only by the gifts he left. We never, ever saw him.

However, a year or so ago, we received this gift from Gram:

Now that Elfis is here, we know for sure which elf is our household’s assigned elf.

It’s that one right there. The red one that kind of looks like Chucky in the face.

I named him Elfis because we’re from Memphis. And so is Elvis. Presley? The King of Rock and Roll? What you do is you take out the ‘v’ and put in the ‘f’. See?

Clever, huh?

The Diva calls him Elfie. I think that’s dorky.

Elfie/Elfis/Chuckie now suffers from tripolar disorder.

Anyway, here’s the link if you want your own Elfis/Elfie/Chucky , although he’s not necessary to the elf visits. Just a fun addition.

Go be somebody’s elf!



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