Technologically Challenged

For someone who spends a significant portion of her time on a computer, I have technological challenges. My technological challenges have little to do, however, with electronics.

More than anything, I have trouble reading a calendar.

At some point in the course of history, a calendar was a technological advance. (Heck, at some point in time, paper was a technological advance!)

For example, all day on Saturday, I thought it was Sunday. That caused a problem for me because, when I wrote my Monday blog post on Saturday (thinking it was Sunday), I scheduled it for the next day, thinking that was Monday. As you normal people know, the next day was Sunday, and my post fired off on a day when people know I don’t normally fire.

For that reason I am writing today (it’s Monday, right?) to encourage you to read Sunday’s post which was designed for today and is regarding a very important matter.

Aren’t they all?

Here it is: Basketball All-Time All-Stars

Approaching the feast,



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