Cheer Photo Blitz

I got a new camera.

The Diva’s first cheer events of the season were yesterday.

It’s the Perfect Storm.

Off we go…

Ready for Action (actual cheer top to arrive later this week)

Formulating a Plan

Rousing the Crowd at the Pep Rally

On the Sidelines

Pom Poms are Flying

The Tunnel

Halftime at the Boys' Game

Cheer is So Stressful!

Mood Swing! Big Daddy calls this one, "Sailing the Estrogen Ocean."

And the best part? Watch the zoom in on this one…

Because the cheer team that prays together, um, doesn’t drop my baby? Wait, stays together, right?

AinW out.


6 thoughts on “Cheer Photo Blitz

  1. She looks like such a young lady in these pictures! I was never a cheerleader, but I sure did love their little “banana peel” number (not sure if you have any idea what I’m talking about but it was hilarious).

    Peel to the left
    Peel to the right
    Peel down the middle
    and uh take a bite!
    Go bananas!
    Go go bananas!

    ahhhh high school


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