I’m Engaged! Wait, Engaging?

Above here, I’ve added a new tab: Speaking Engagements.

Look up. I’ll wait.

For years, I’ve been sharing with people, in both formal and informal settings, about a variety of topics as God allows and gifts me to share. I try to keep audiences entertained (much like I do here with you, my faithful, my beloved, my circle of trust), while imparting life-changing information.

For the most part, people seem to enjoy this, so I’ve decided to market these opportunities here on my site.

Click on the link above. If you are led to contact me for an engagement, please do.

Meanwhile, I’ll be dealing with the first cheer performance of the season, which begins with a pep rally at 1:30 and ends after the last game is over at 9:30.  I’ll be shooting off my pinky toe before the day is over. I’m just sure of it.

Please pray for my toes.


One thought on “I’m Engaged! Wait, Engaging?

  1. Anyone who invistes you to speak about life, teaching, or learning will be blessed. I know from experience how gifted you are in many areas and I just wish you were in California to bless us. Go get them!


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