Why I Don’t Crawl Back in the Bed and Cover Up My Head

Back in the day, when I worked outside our home, not crawling back in the bed was a no-brainer.  I was unable to for the following reasons:

1. I was in my office all day.

2. It had no bed.

3. The floor under my desk was hard. Don’t ask how I know.

4. People expected me to do stuff in return for the pay they gave me.  I know. Rude, right?

You get the point.

Now that I am at home with the Diva all day, there is more temptation. My office is my home, in which there are 5 beds. Six if you count the couch. It seems like everywhere I turn, there’s a place to lay down and cover up my head.  And life? Well, life causes a person to want to do that some days, doesn’t it?

Here, there are other reasons for me not to cover up my head; however, none of them is pertinent to this discussion monologue soliloquy rant.

Reasons that could cause me not to get back in the bed and cover up my head:

1. Big Daddy is working hard and has been since 4am to support us, so I should honor him by working equally hard here at home.

2. The Diva needs to be educated. By someone other than herself.

3. Groceries need to be bought.

4. Dinner needs to be made. Or breakfast. Or lunch. Or any number of between-meal snacks.

5. Toilets need scrubbing.

6. Laundry needs washing.

7. My toenails need a trim.

8. There’s doctoral work to do. Shoot me now.

9. I need to go to church.

10.  I need to go to Lowe’s.

11. I need to go to the WalMart.

12. I need to go to the garbage dump.


However, as I said, none of these very important reasons is the reason I, each day of my life, do not climb back into my very comfortable king-sized bed and cover up my head.

Instead, this! This is the sole reason that I stay vertical each and every day.

I’ve already made the bed, and I’m too lazy to make it up again.

Vertical and working,


2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Crawl Back in the Bed and Cover Up My Head

  1. nicely made bed. well decorated too. but what about the other 4 beds? Not the diva’s of course. But the other ones? Do you sometimes cave in and utilize one of those?


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