Ode to Big Daddy

Today, in honor of our anniversary, I’ve written a poem. It’s the first poem I’ve ever written. Keep that in mind as you critique.

Ode to Big Daddy
By AinW

Your hair is gray,
Your jeans are droopy,
The way you love us
Makes me feel a little loopy.

You teach us the Word,
You provide us a home,
From the path you’ve set before us,
We’ll never need roam.

You drink gallons of tea,
And eat biscuits and gravy,
In honor of you, we sing
The Village People’s In the Navy.

You snore like a grizzly,
You sleep like the dead,
I’ll never regret
The day that we wed.

I gave you a haircut,
And I trimmed your brows,
You’re still laughing about it
Even now.

You are my Big Daddy,
You allow me to be.
I need no other,
Because you complete me.

Well, sort of. I mean, really I am complete in Christ, but you get the picture.

Happy Anniversary, Big Daddy! I love you, O Slayer of my Snakes, Opener of my Pickle Jars, Carry-er of my Shopping Bags!



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