Tag, I’m It!

It’s official. I’ve been pinged back. Funny, I didn’t feel a thing. Huh.

I have a few friends. Duh.

I have two, specific friends who are bona fide authors.

Much like myself.

Yeah, right.

They’ve recently written this book:

It’s a fun, devotional book designed to help us laugh at the things life brings us, which is my whole philosophy of life, basically.  I say, Life is hard. You can laugh or cry, and I’d rather have laugh lines than puffy eyes. There’s already enough of me that is puffy..

But that’s just me.

Anyway, as a companion to the book, they write a daily blog post at a website with the same name. Plus www. Plus .com. Today, for some reason, they mentioned my, um, number one Thanksgiving love.

Read the blog post here.

Or buy the book here. Buy a thousand and put them in the stockings of women you love!

Officially pinged,



One thought on “Tag, I’m It!

  1. The book reminds me of Regnia Spektor’s song “Laughing With”. Check it out…I think it’s lovely

    (also, great site to listen to music for free grooveshark dot com)


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