Colorful, Insulated Cups

At our house, we’re loving these:

Awhile back, Starbuck’s came out with some great, insulated cups with a permanent straw. I saw one. I wanted it. I lusted after it because I’m a water addict. I’m drinking water constantly, and bottled water gets expensive after awhile.  I’m what you’d call a heavy drinker, and I need solutions, people!

When I went to the Starbuck’s (that was back in the day, when I actually had access to a Starbuck’s…oh, for a caramel apple cider…*sigh*), I learned that the insulated cups cost a whopping $15!n Each! For a cup? Uh, no.

Well, this weekend, the Diva, Big Daddy, and I went to town, and we did a little shopping at Old Navy. When we were in the check-out line, I spotted these babies.  They were only around $5 each, a complete deal considering how much we could be spending on bottled water. The best part? They are insulated and, therefore, don’t sweat like the regular cups in my house.

I hate sweaters. Sweating cups, I mean.

We got 3, in different colors, so we know whose is whose.   I’ll give you $10 if you can figure out whose is whose. Okay, so I really won’t, but I bet you can figure it out. I mean, Divas need pink cups, right?  Big Daddys get blue. And me? I get what’s left over. Clear. the one with water. Natch.

Go to Old Navy and buy a thousand.

Happy Weekend!


P.S. Old Navy has no idea who I am. They are not giving me any type of kickback for marketing their product, though if any of you knows how I could get some, let me know. I’m not above it. Don’t judge me. You’re not above it, either.

Update (11-8-10): Mads notes these could make great stocking stuffers, too.  Go talk to the fat man, y’all!


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