What I Love About Thanksgiving

There are many things I love about Thanksgiving, most of which involve food. Duh. However, here is a piece of media, one of my favorites related to the topic.

This is, after all, a multi-media blog.

I’m not really sure what “multi-media” means, but I’ve got a picture for you. They’re (the blog and the picture) both media, so that’s “multi”, right?

Here she is. I call her Miss Lurkey:

The picture, not the food, is what I love.  I, actually, don’t care for turkey, which I’m certain means I’m a communist or, at the very least, a sympathizer. That’s probably bad because I know as much about communism as I do about multi-media.

My friend, Maria, sent me this picture a few years back. I think she was trying to make me feel better about myself.  However, I really just ended up identifying with the bird: saggy wings and birthing hips. Boy, can I ever relate! This bird’s got nothing on me, except for the fact that she looks better in a bikini.

You’ll just have to trust me on that one.

And the lack of a functioning head? Well, we won’t go there.

Gobbling as I waddle away from the computer,



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