Video Mania

Today’s post is brought to you by YouTube. It’s a YouTube season of my life. I’m hoping you’ll hang in there with me.

Numero Uno. Adorable.

I’m not an animal person, but Big Daddy and I have made the official decision to get a lion. What choice did we have, really, since Major Problem has abandoned us.   At least I won’t have to worry about my, um, little issue anymore.

Numero Dos.

We can work with Laila-Dog on this skill, but I wouldn’t hold out much hope. She rides the short bus.  It’s true! I saw her just today as she got off it, the driver shaking his head in disgust.

Numero Tres. It’s a little long, but totally worth the time investment. Hilarious!

It’s like an after-Thanksgiving-dinner montage of everyone to whom I’m related. Including myself. Or of my fifth-grade teacher. Every time she walked around the classroom in those skinny heels, I got nervous. The shoe went one direction and the heel the other, under the stress.

Thought I was going to lose an eye all year.

Considering a 40-day fast,


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