5 Things

1. The Mayhem Guy is my favorite current T.V. character. Except for Dog. Duh.

“I’m all OMG. Becky’s not even hot!”

2. The Clampetts are coming for a visit this week. Gram, Papa, Mammoo, and The Bubbe will arrive soon. We are so excited, we’re crossing our legs to keep from peeing.

3. Noteworthy: when you come stay at our house, we like to make you feel like you’re at an inn. Therefore, you get a gift basket, delicious food, white, plush towels, a comfy bed, and a chance to sign our household guest book. Not only are the called to Biblical hospitality, but we love doing it.  Y’all come for a visit!

4. The Pumpkin Party’s coming up. More about that next week.

5. We had an unexpected visitor last week, one about which I am just now getting the courage to write. More about that tomorrow.

Roger, Wilco, over and out,



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