Goin’ Green

I’d love to have been able to cook with you this week; however, we’ve gone green around here for a bit.

This is what Big Daddy and I have “eaten” for the past four days:

Not as bad as it looks. Although the Diva’s not willing to give it a shot.

I have a friend named Maria. Oh, my Maria!

She’s been “eating” these babies for awhile. Not only has she lost weight, but she looks vibrant.

I want to look vibrant.

I determined to go for five days on green shakes. I told Big Daddy of my plan. He announced that he, too, would go green.

I did an eyeroll.

Big Daddy’s really a biscuits-n-gravy kind of guy.

Anyway, we went with it. We’ve done it. And we’re still alive.

Ok, so we only made it four days. Do not judge us!

Each pseudo-shake contains two bananas, two equivalent servings of some other type of fruit, and a large handful of raw baby spinach. 

Tastes like chicken.

I kid! Tastes like banana. The spinach has no flavor in the pseudo-shake.

My favorites are the frozen, mixed berry and the fresh pineapple.

Big Daddy gets two quarts per day. I’ve been having one quart per day. Plus, we’ve eaten raw almonds, avocado, tomato and other raw fruit for snacks.

Big Daddy vacillates between exhaustion and bitterness. 

I vacillate between rolling my eyes and resisting the candy corn.

Anyway, we’ve lost weight.

Big Daddy says he’s lost weight simply as a result of the amount of time he’s spent in the bathroom taking the Browns to the Super Bowl. I say, however you lost it, you lost it, right?

I also tell him to do all that at work before he comes home.

It is what it is.

Looking forward to giving my blender a rest,



6 thoughts on “Goin’ Green

  1. I may actually be able to drink that stuff. I use a powdered “green” vitamin supplement that made with baby barley and other green things. Everyone else gags, but I kinda like it. I’ll also get those green superfood drinks from the grocery store. I think they give me energy. Good for you for going green! 😉



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