Lovin’ These Fall Scents or The Best Thing at the WalMart Right Now

I’m a little stream-of-conciousness today. Men: continue at your own risk. Women: you should have no problem tracking with me.

So, I have previously mentioned my scent-related obsession.  It’s really an issue for me. At all times, I want my house to smell like something lovely: baking cinnamon rolls, baking bread, baking cookies (uh, trend, anyone?), Big Daddy’s cologne…you know, the regular stuff. However, I don’t always have time to bake, and (sadly) Big Daddy’s not always here.  I mean somebody has to support my candy corn habit, right?

Did you know that, at Walgreens, they have caramel candy corn, caramel apple candy corn, chocolate candy corn, honey candy corn, and those mellowcreme pumpkins that I sit on the couch and eat while the Diva cooks? I’m thinking of moving in there.

I should run by Walgreens today. To get my flu shot, of course.  They have a sign that says “Flu Shots Every Day”; however, when last we went to get ours, the pharmacist told us they weren’t giving flu shots that day. I responded that, “Perhaps your sign should say, ‘Flu Shots Every Day…But Just Not Today'”.

She wasn’t amused.

Big Daddy and the Diva were.

Anywho, in order to obtain the scent I need without actual baking, I fill our house with candles.  Not only do they smell *clicks tongue and winks* really nice (name that movie), but the flame adds ambience. I’m all about ambience. Unless I’m not. Then, I’m not about it at all. I’m what you’d call and ambience extremist. An ambience zealot. A guerilla, so to speak.

Here’s the thing about candles: they’re expensive. I really love the Yankee Candle store, except for their prices. And the fact that I have to drive for a blasted hour to get there.  The Wal-Mart, as usual though, has my back. They have these lovlies:

They’re big mamas, too. They last awhile.  And the price? $3!

Take a minute to let it sink in. When you’re done reeling, continue reading.

In addition to these two wonderful scents, I am currently working some type of apple-y concoction and a cinnamon roll one. See? Baking. Smart, huh?

I have the cinnamon roll one on my bedside table with our “L” lamp and the lovliest pic of my Baby Diva.

What’s that? You can’t see the picture very well?  Let me help you out with that:

Oh, my gosh! Don’t you just want to squeeze those cheeks? Sometimes I still do. Then, she looks at me, rolls her eyes, and asks me to bake some cinnamon rolls.  I just light the candle and tell her to take a big whiff, then I curl up on the couch with my candy corn selection.

Buy the candles.

Happy Fall, Y’all!



4 thoughts on “Lovin’ These Fall Scents or The Best Thing at the WalMart Right Now

  1. You see this is the difference in men and women. The scent of cinnamon rolls that is not quickly followed by the rapture of actually having one on my tongue, is just the definition of frustration.


  2. Ok, I have to confess: I CAN’T stand Walmart. Too much clutter… too many people that walk too slow… too many employes that can’t be found when you need them and can’t help you when you find them… too many displays with the same products to catch you in a moment of weakness… Why should I find Mickey Mouse watches by the Cheerios??? Okay, Maria, take a deep breath.

    Sam, on the other hand, LOVES Walmart… would go there every day if I let him. So again I’ll be passing on the tip to him 🙂


    • Big Daddy’s not a WalMart fan, either. He has philosophical issues with the buying American thing. However, I will say that I, too, got very frustrated with WalMart in SD. It’s not the same as stand-alone Supercenters we have here. Cheap, cheap, cheap. With canned goods and such, it’s totally worth it. Plus, I can get my oil changed and buy a bag of apples in the same place. One-stop shopping.

      Tell Sam to get the candles.


      • Yeap! I told him! I do have to say that I need to be a bit more frugal, but I love the “experience” more than the savings. That’s why I favor farmers markets and fun stores like Trader Joe’s 🙂 And since I delegate the oil changes, gas pumpin’, and anything too time consuming, I have just about eliminated Walmart out of my life 🙂


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