About a Specific Redneck

Big Daddy is a redneck.  I may have mentioned this in a little post earlier.

He qualifies on several levels:

A. He grew up in the country. His hometown is so small it had to combine with the neighboring hometown in order to be bona fide.  It’s now hyphenated, much like married women who want to be married and hold on to their singleness at the same time. An identity crisis in the making, I say, but that’s just me.

2. He’s a big man.

C. He typically wears a camo, UT hat. Signature, redneck fashion.

4. He rides the four-wheeler, also camo.

E. He has no butt, also signature redneck male. It’s his curse. Think plumber, only Big Daddy has a wife that reminds him to wear a belt and pull his pants up. It’s my curse.

Last: Whenever Rocky Top (the very classy UT fight song which relays a tale of corn likker and mountain life) is played, he stands and places his right hand over his heart. If that doesn’t qualify him, I don’t know what does.

Here’s something about him that’s NOT typical of rednecks, at least in my vast experience. He loves Fiddler on the Roof.  Well, not the actual fiddler (praise the Lord!), but rather the musical. BigDaddy often serenades us with his renditions of FOTR scenes.

It’s a delight for the whole family.

Or at least that’s what he tells us.

He’s our leader, so we believe him.

Or at least that’s what we tell him.

Here’s one of his favorite scenes:

Watching that caused me to think: what would I do if I were a rich girl, like Gwen Stefani?

1. I’d wear new socks every day. I love the feel of new, plush socks.

2. I’d sleep on freshly washed sheets every night, washed by someone else, naturally.

3. I’d go to Kirkland’s once a week.

4. My car would be cleaned every day. I love riding in a clean car.

5. I’d have new patio furniture.

6. I’d have a million kids.  Well, maybe not a million, but more. We’d go Jolie-Pitt around here, without the hyphenation.

7. I’d travel once a month. Alaska, Hawaii, Paris, London, Scottsboro, Alabama. Don’t knock it. They’ve got the Unclaimed Baggage Center there.

8. I’d buy the name-brand Tylenol instead of the Wal-Nol I typically purchase.

Oh, and of course I’d give some to world missions and the church and that kind of stuff.

What would you do if you were rich-er, richer?

Wondering about my readers,



7 thoughts on “About a Specific Redneck

  1. That so cracks me up. Our guys are all rough and tough, but deep down, you never know! Love your blog! Go to mine and you’ll see what we have in common. We both have great taste in blog design! Love it!


  2. Is Eric still reverberating about the κηρυσσω (preaching)? 🙂 hee hee. . boy we really got him stirred up! Maybe sometime we’ll get to hear ΗΙΜ κηρυσσει (preach) again! 🙂


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