Rescue Me

Little-known AinW fact: I’m somewhat of a music officianado.

When I was growing up, my mama forced us (against our wills) to listen to oldies music all the time.  Play any 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s song, and I’ve probably been subjected to it.

I’m seeking therapy for my continuing issues.

Love you, mama! Got nothing but forgiveness in my heart for you. Or at least that’s what the good doctor tells me…

In the summers, as a kid, we were with my grandparents on their small farm-type thing in North Mississippi. They listened to country music, old and new. From Hank Williams (the original) to Ernest Tubb to George Strait, I know it. Dwight Yoakam? I’m your girl. Reba? Yep.

As a teen, I favored the popular stuff. Sadly.

As an adult, I’ve found value in all types of music and try, regularly, to subject my own child to it. These days, she favors Blueberry Hill. Me? I can do just about anything except the screaming, heavy stuff.

I’m just too old.

It’s okay. I’ve accepted that about myself.

Anywho, these days this is what I’m listening to. Rescue is a band out of the Northwest, all a capella, more unbelievable than I can express here. If you can make it through this video and not feel the Spirit of God moving in your heart, you might want to travel to your local church and ask for their exorcism package.

I’m just sayin’.

Told you. Y’all should listen to AinW.

I’m also enjoying this guy these days. You might know him as the lead singer of a little group called Mercy Me, but I like his solo, hymn stuff, too.

Again, with the exorcism note.

Feeling like hymns have been systematically excluded from modern worship and replaced by contemporary stuff (not right or wrong, just a fact…settle down), we try and subliminally impress these on the Diva’s brain by playing them in the car. Before she knows it, she’s singing along. Next thing you know, she’s upstairs in the shower belting them out.

And Big Daddy and I just smile because we know it’s better than her belting out the praises of Hannah What’s-Her-Name.

Buy these cd’s. Please.

With a joyful heart,


Note: Neither Rescue nor Bart Millard has ever heard of, spoken to, or seen Wonder Woman AinW (sorry, sometimes I forget who I really am versus who I want to be). This is, in no way, an advertisement, and I’m certainly not getting any kickbacks (though, if you know how I could, email me, and we’ll talk!).  They just happen to make good music that AinW likes. Lucky them.


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