An AinW Confession: My Biggest Fear

In our house we have three bathrooms.  In other words, we have three toilets. Three areas in the house in which one can, in effect, conduct his or her business transactions, as it were.

Directly above Toilet #1, we have this cabinet:

Because it holds this:

Directly to the left (if one is sitting) of Toilet #2, we have this:

(This would be the Diva’s bathroom, as noted by the pink-ness of it.)

Because it holds this:

And on Toilet #3 (in the bathroom Big Daddy and I share), we have this, which is not above and not beside, but attached to the toilet:

Because it holds this:

As you may have guessed by now, my biggest fear consists of having completed one’s business transactions before realizing that there are no tools handy with which to, uh, seal the deal.

Keepin’ it real,



2 thoughts on “An AinW Confession: My Biggest Fear

  1. I love the “keepin it real” tossed in at the end. Hilarious. We keep our tp close at hand as well.

    Too many parties in college consisted of bathrooms with no tp. I eventually started carrying a travel pack with me at all times.

    Strange sort of fear, but at least you aren’t alone haha


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