I Wonder (Part Trois)

In previous posts, I have mused on some things about which I am curious. Here they are, in case you’re just joining us, though I can’t figure out why you would. It’s madness.

I Wonder

I Wonder (Part Deux)

And now for Part Trois. That’s part three “for those of you who don’t habla” (name that movie!).

I Wonder:

…why I have the sneaking suspicion that I don’t look quite like the nice ladies on the T.V. when I’m doing Yoga Booty Ballet.  I don’t think my hips swirl quite like theirs.  I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. (If you know me, I’d challenge you to think about that and try to sleep tonight!)

…if every homeschooled child has the capacity to dawdle like mine. Without the competition of the classroom, it would seem that dawdling becomes a well-honed skill. What’s the solution?

…if it’s coincidential that the word “diet” begins with the word “die”? I’m relatively certain it’s not.

…if the wages of sin is death (Rom. 3:23), and diet begins with die, what’s the connection between sin and dieting?  Let’s see here: If sin = death, and diet = die (death), then sin = diet. Geometry teachers, is that right? Sounds to me like that means dieting is sinful, and I should avoid it.

…why alarm clocks have to sound so alarming? Would I get up if my alarm clock sounded like ocean waves? Probably so, because it’d make me have to use the little girls’ room.

…if God didn’t create more people than Adam and Eve, and the Bible doesn’t say they had daughters until after Seth, who Cain married.  God?  Can you send me an email on that one? I sure would sleep alot better.

…if dieting means death, what does it mean to truly live? Dinner at Krispy Kreme? The Little Debbie Snack Outlet? Five Guys? A Red Robin Royal Red Robin burger, with steak fries and a Gigi’s Cupcake backer? Is this the meaning of life?

…why I have 7,345 discount grocery stores in my little town, but no Chik-fil-A? Or Kirkland’s? Where are these people’s priorities? I’m just sayin’.

…why, every time I drive on Blueberry Hill  Road (which is often because it’s the way that leads to death Sonic), I feel the need to sing the Chuck Berry song aloud.

…why the Diva sighs loudly, rolls her eyes, and puts her book over her head each time I sing the song. I’m still cool, right?

Finding my thrill,


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