About Rednecks

Here’s the thing about rednecks/hillbillies: they are not native to East Tennessee. In fact, they aren’t even native to the South, as best I can tell.

After having traveled to Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Sacramento, San Francisco, Orlando, Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego, and New York (and points in between), I can definitively say that rednecks abound all over this great country of ours. In fact, I’ve even seen a few outside of our country, but that’s another story.

Today, because it’s Friday, and we’re headed to the weekend, I thought we’d take some time to celebrate that most underrated hero of Americana: The Redneck.

Big Daddy, the quintessential redneck/hillbilly, has sent me some photos which celebrate this American icon. He is today’s contributor, and the world (or at least the handful of people who read this nonsense) thank him for his contribution.

The first series of photos are designed to entertain those who appreciate the art of working on cars:

Broken Window? No problem!

Want a spoiler? Gotcha covered.

Missing a headlight?  No worries. (Nevermind that I recently posted a pic that I took in my new hometown that looked much like this.)

Need a way to carry your waverunner? Not to worry! (If you look closely, you’ll see a California license plate. I told you.)

Speaking of water sports, anybody for water skiing? The absence of an actual body of water can stop the Redneck.

You know, the holidays are fast-approaching. What’s the Redneck’s plan for celebrating?

First, a tree:

Then, the cookies:

And, then, to make sure the house looks (points finger-gun and winks ala Cousin Eddie) ‘really nice’:

Finally, it’s time for the Fat Man:

The approach of the holidays means cooler weather. How do rednecks prepare for cooler weather?

First, they get their yard ready for winter:

Then, they set up the firepit for those weekend get-togethers with friends:

They make sure the grass is watered so they can get every last bit of green out of it:

At last, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the winter:


7 thoughts on “About Rednecks

  1. My favorite: The toilet seats around the fire! We replaced one a while back and the thing sat in the garage for weeks, waititng for free dumpster day. If I had only thought of the possibilities! I could have made a planter out of it 🙂


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