That’s So Lame

Word Press says that 5, 223 people have read my blog.

I’m in shock, to say the least. I couldn’t figure out, for the life of me, what kind of people would be interested in the musings of the mad (that’s me). Then, it came to me.

It’s my family clicking over and over.


I mean, they’re abnormal enough to do that.

And I can say they’re abnormal because I’m one of them.  You can’t say they’re abnormal, but I can.

Anywho, thought I’d share about the Diva’s foot today.

Here it is:

About 3 or so weeks ago, as we were just moving into our new home, the Diva was walking down the stairs and counting her money at the same time. She tripped, fell, and rolled to the landing in the center of the stairs, where they make the turn.

She didn’t make the turn.

She cried. Divas have drama, right? She looked about like Nancy Kerrigan when Tonya Harding had her leg pummelled. Big Daddy and I went to her (the Diva, not Nancy Kerrigan), looked at her foot, and moved her to the couch. Well, okay, Big Daddy did that part. I gave her some ice, and we watched it over the next few days. We didn’t sit on the couch and watch it for a few days. I really mean we just looked at it from time to time.

Or when she reminded us that she shouldn’t have to do her chores because she hurt her foot.

It didn’t swell, or turn colors, or nuthin’.

Big Daddy told her to walk it off.

I told her to rub some dirt on it.

She told us it was fine.

I told her to get to her chores, then.

Then we went to soccer practice. Then Irish dance. After each activity, she mentioned that it was sore but not too bad.

A few weeks later, she started sneezing and saying her throat hurt.

No, the sore throat is not related to the foot, but stay with me.

I took her to the doctor for the throat issue and asked him to take a gander at her foot while we were there. He did, then looked at me and recommended an x-ray.

We got it.

It was broken.

Now, she is in the boot for 2 weeks, at which time we return to the orthopedist.  I guess if she’s not better in 2 weeks, he’s gonna shoot her.  Then, she’ll have a broken leg and a gunshot wound. Probably, if she doesn’t get better the week after that, he’ll shoot her again. (Name that comedian!)

Anyway, Divas love attention, and she gets it with this boot on her foot.

At this rate, I’m thinking of asking for the gunshot for my own pinky toe.

Lesson of the day #1: The Diva is NOT a multi-tasker.

Lesson of the day #2: I’m Mother-of-the-Year.

Peace out,


10/17/10 update: After two weeks in the boot, the Diva revisited the orthopedic, who quickly looked at her foot and proclaimed her to be as good as new. He says that kids’ bones are encased in a thin, leathery layer, which allows them to break and heal without much notice on the part of the kiddo, apparently, which is why it neither swelled nor discolored. He says her situation is rather normal, in fact.  The Diva, who had had just about enough of boot life ever since the attention-getting part wore off, is happy to have been set free and is back to full steam ahead with no pain whatsoever.


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